Live Tweet This: Tech & Social Media in Higher Education

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LIVE TWEET THIS: Social Media & Tech in Higher Ed#sbuhighered@cdorso @jplei

#sbuhighered@cdorso @jpleiChris DOrsoAssistant Director, Enrollment Communications@cdorsochristopher.dorso@stonybrook.eduJacqueline RoweInquiry Systems

Dont be scared off by titles2

Whos on social media?Who uses social media professionally?(what do we mean by that?)Whos ever:* sent a mass email* used a CRM* used a CMS* edited HTML code* used data to make a decision

#sbuhighered@cdorso @jplei

In the next 50 minutes, we will discuss:What tech in higher ed means in 2015CRMs, CMSs, and other things you should knowHow to use social media for fun AND profitHow not to be an idiot on the internet#sbuhighered@cdorso @jplei

What is tech in higher education?

#sbuhighered@cdorso @jplei

What technologies does your office and campus use?Can things be done more effectivelyKnow what is out thereRead job descriptions for jobs in your desired area and make note of the technologies they use


Content Management Systems (CMS)

Manage a website is possible without a design degree, but you need to reach out to those who can help you.Go outside your comfort zone, and learn as much as you can.You dont have to know HTML to be a web developer!Work with coders and web designersHTML/CSS Text Editors and Google are your friendUtilize analytics and studies that already existE-ExpectationsWebinarsOmniUpdateImportance of Brand Consistency in 2015#sbuhighered@cdorso @jplei

OmniUpdate is what Stony Brook uses so that the designers can control the back end and departments and offices can control their own content.When branding changes come about, make sure you understand what they meant to you, and also dont be afraid to voice your opinions


Customer Relationship Management programs (CRM)

Use a CRM like Hobsons in your area to evaluate effectiveness, create good content, and measure resultsData-driven decisionsBe able to report up with confidenceGoogle Analytics, Email Analytics Evaluate your own effectiveness Prove your worth, but also use that to improve what you are doingEmail is not deadMobile-Friendly messagingSPAMKnow when to email and when not to#sbuhighered@cdorso @jplei

Open Hobsons for live-demo of Email results, survey results, and filters.


TIPS:Learn the tools and technologies that impact your campus; if you have career goals, then youre going to use the technologies that impact that world.If you can talk productively about using analytics and data to drive decisions, you will get peoples attention.Adapt and improve. We often talk about helping students, but in this field, you need to take your job to the next level by learning and utilizing data and technology when making decisions.#sbuhighered@cdorso @jplei

#sbuhighered@cdorso @jplei


GOALS, not TOOLSENGAGEMENT, not a BULLHORNIts called social for a reason#sbuhighered@cdorso @jplei

Be part of the larger social media picture on your campus:Web teams (social teams)Picture & resource sharingGuidelines/Policies/Rules/Colors/LogosBranding/consistencySeparation between personal and professionalDont feel like you have to own everything#sbuhighered@cdorso @jplei

How you use SM as a professional is NOT how you use it as yourself11

#sbuhighered@cdorso @jplei

Pages vs name accountsPages vs GroupsPublic vs Private12

#sbuhighered@cdorso @jplei

Listening stationWhen to respond, when to forward, when to ignoreTwitter runs 24-7, and if youre not ready for that, DONT DO IT.Twitter chats: #emchat, #sachat, #higheredlive13

Image-Based Media

Pictures, not flyers. Words are dumb.(Unless theyre in context.)GIFs!Be creativeLet your media interact carefully (IFTTT)

#sbuhighered@cdorso @jplei

Using anonymous media correctly: askstonybrook14

#sbuhighered@cdorso @jplei

Monitor. DEFINITELY monitor.But dont engage.#TakeBackYikYak15

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#sbuhighered@cdorso @jplei

Analytics are easier and easier to find, and its remarkably simple to pull data FREE DATA into reports to send up the line.Sprout Social, DucksBoard, Hootsuite okay to use some of these services, because they give you great info16


Find your voiceJoin the conversation#sachat#emchat#higheredliveConference backchannel#sbuhighered@cdorso @jplei


Be distinct. Make sure youre adding something to the conversation.Your school/organization/office account is NOT you, but you should know the medium intimately before using it professionally.Give credit where credit is due. Dont misappropriate images and words that are not your own.Cats may be awful creatures, but cat pictures are always funny.#sbuhighered@cdorso @jplei


Dont be an idiot.Dont create media that you dont have the time, energy, and a content plan to back up. Goals, not tools.Do have a voice, and dont be afraid to have fun.Do embrace change, but DONT chase trends.#sbuhighered@cdorso @jplei

Chris DOrsoTwitter Guy@cdorsochristopher.dorso@stonybrook.eduJacqueline RoweHobsons Queen/ @jplei