Literacy in mathematics strategies

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  • 1. Literacy in Mathematics Strategies By Angela Phillips

2. Contents pageHave you heard the 1 thing Ive learned & 1 Tabooword 1 thing to improveHave you heard the Definition of key words Pick a box plenaryword 2Key word mind map1 thing Ive learned & 1Peer assessment(loose) thing to improve 2Key word mind mapSuccess Criteria www...ebi(structured)Key words into aExplain, listen, writeLearning triangle sentencePress to return to this page 3. Have you heard the key wordsIf you can fill in the put 3 points, if you have heard it but not sure of meaning put 2, if youve never heard it put 1. Add up your total, will it be better at the end of the lesson?Key WordNow End of lesson It means...Co-ordinatex axisy axisAxesQuadrantNegativeVerticalHorizontalTotal 4. Have you heard of the Key WordsKey WordsI know what it Heard it but not NeverWhat it means is... means, which is... sure what it means heard it before VariableTermExpressionGenerateSequenceDescribe 5. Write as many different things as you can about the word below.Put anything related to the word, it doesnt have to be about Maths!Key word ofchoice 6. TabooWe are going to pay aKey Words game called Taboo.X XI am going to describe a X key word (without using X X it) and you need towrite down what it is! 7. Who can remember what these wordsmean... MultipleSequenceChoose 1 and writedown its meaningTriangle Factor OddEven 8. Peer Assessment On your partners work, mark thework they have done and write: 1 thing that they have done well 1 thing they need to do toimproveGet ready we will be sharing! 9. Key Words or phrasesinverse ????? 10. Success CriteriaStep by step guide to makingWhats makinga cup of tea. tea got to do1) Put water in the kettle and with Maths? turn it on.2) Put a tea bag in the cup (and any sugar if needed).3) When kettle has boiled fill cup with water to 80% full.Now write a4) Leave tea to brew to desiredstep by step strength.5) Take out the tea for one6) Put in milk to taste (not morething you have than 15% or youll spill).7) Enjoy!!!! learned today. 11. Plenary One thing IOne thing I need tohave learnedremember for today time is... 12. Plenary Pick a box from below to copy and complete in your bookToday the mostOne thing I need to important thing I have remember from todayslearned is... lesson is...Next time I do a this One thing I have foundtopic I will make sure I...hard today is... 13. PlenaryWrite down one thing that hashelped you be successful in todays lessonWrite down one thing that youneed to do to improve 14. Plenarywwwebiwhat went well even better if 15. PlenaryTurn to your work partner, one of you is A and the other is B.A tell B what you have B tell A what you havelearned. found challenging.Write down what your partner has said in their book. 16. PlenaryWrite down the meaning of one of they key words from todays lesson.Using as many of the key words as you can fromtodays lesson, write a sentence to describe whatyou have learned.Get ready to share (your partner will read your sentence)! 17. Draw a triangle into your book, like the one below.PlenaryFill in each section with: Something youve done well today Something to think about for next time Ive done Key words from the lessonwell with... Key words Somethingfor the to think lesson about...