Litauen ICT 2010

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2. 3. 4. Teachersoffice
5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Bibliotheque
10. Distant education
11. Relations to plans, documents and laws.
How do wegetthere?
Wherearewepedagogically and methodologically?(Thursday 08.15)
12. Local plans and national relations.
13. Basic plans for ICT.
14. Internal development of competence
15. Books?
16. Teknological future
17. Useof ICT makes theteachersearch for newmethods to organise students waysoflearning and present them for more learningresources. Stortingsmelding 31: Kvalitetiskolen
18. Netvibes
19. Sharing. Cooperation.
20. New challenges with Latinschool.
21. Connectedlearners
ICTintegration in our school.
1.Positive attitudes towards ICT.
2.Willing to use ICT to support the learning process.
3.Create ICT learning environment.
6.ICT to search for, process and store digital information.
7.ICT to present information to others.
8.ICT to communicate
9.ICT applications, depending on thespecific goal to be achieved.
22. Connectedlearners
Curriculum features
1. The development is based on a clearvision on the role of ICT in education
2. Provide equal opportunities for alllearners.
ICT as a catalystfor educational change.