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Sample seminar on Linkedin Training created for MGIC subscribers September 2012. The normal seminar is 90 minutes, and this presentation was reduced by 1/3 for a "webinar". For custom Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter training, contact Mindfull today!


  • LinkedIn Essen+als Learn how to op+mize your LinkedIn prole and connect with more qualied business referral partners and prospects. LinkedIn +ps, tricks and techniques to grow your business. expect clarity
  • Customized Training? This Free Sample of a Mindfull seminar was given to MGIC subscribers on Sept. 19th, 2012. Our normal seminars run approximately 90 minutes, and this content was reduced by 1/3 for a 50 minute webinar. We can customize and co-brand all of our training materials, workbooks, invitations and flyers for organizations with a minimum of 25 confirmed seminar attendees. Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter are constantly changing, updating the user interface so many of the examples in this Free Sample Seminar may appear to be out of date. expect clarity
  • Legal Disclaimer The information presented in this webinar is based on the opinions and research of the Mindfull and do not necessarily represent the opinions of MGIC. All examples are hypothetical and are for illustrative purposes only. Our training is not intended and should not be interpreted or relied upon as legal advice.We encourage you to seek legal and compliance advice from a qualified professional. MGIC EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ANY AND ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE REGARDING THESE MATERIALS AND OUR TRAINING PROGRAM. IN NO EVENT WILL MGIC BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, PUNITIVE OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY KIND WITH RESPECT TO THE TRAINING OR MATERIALS PROVIDED. expect clarity
  • Todays Agenda - LinkedIn LinkedIns importance for Mortgage professionals Steps for success with LinkedIn Duration: 50 minutes followed by 10 minutes for questions & answers. What is LinkedIn? Advanced and Power search Basic features and func+onality techniques, keywords Dashboard Networks and Groups Prole Questions and Answers Prole privacy seGngs Recommendations Company page Applications Organize connec+ons Today News, Signal PREMIUM ACCOUNT benets expect clarity
  • Introduc+ons Chip Leakas Speaker, Author at Mindfull My Background Since 1996, eCommerce and eMarke+ng Consultant with a specialty in Social Media Marke+ng Since 2009, I have trained over 1,200+ Real Estate and Lending professionals on Facebook, Linkedin, TwiXer and Blogs My background includes eMarke+ng for Realtors, Title Companies, and Lenders expect clarity
  • LinkedIn success formula expect clarity
  • What is LinkedIn? (Facebook with a +e!) LinkedIn is the worlds largest professional network with over 175+ million members and growing rapidly. Rolodex on Steroids! 22 million people a day visit Linkedin Average time on Linkedin is 17 minutes! TRUSTED CONTACTS You cannot connect with people you dont know! Network of trust Exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities Broader network of professionals Establish your professional profile LinkedIn profiles rise to the top of search results Have you Googled yourself lately? expect clarity
  • #1 B2B Lead Genera+on Channel! *source BtoBOnline Nov. 2011 Pardot research expect clarity
  • Professional Networking (B2B) Connect with others in LinkedIn allows you toposi+ons related to real present yourself to theseestate and lending: related professionals, as Appraisers well as the opportunity to Mortgage brokers answer their questions in Bankers your areas of expertise. Home Inspectors AXorneys This builds credibility and Title companies respect, and it will lead to Contractors future business. Builders & Developers expect clarity
  • hXp:// 1. Menu 2. Search 3. Status 4. News 5. Newsfeed 6. People expect clarity
  • Linkedin - Status Update ONCE A DAY! Appears in the newsfeed on the home page! VERY IMPORTANT to tell a STORY about what you are working on. How does your product or service solve a problem for your target audience? Share a LINK and describe why you feel this is important and why your target audience should contact you to learn more! *Always include your phone number and email in EVERY status UPDATE! expect clarity
  • hXp:// expect clarity
  • Maximize your LinkedIn prole! 1. Upload a picture 2. List all jobs or posi+ons you have held with detailed descrip+ons 3. Have 5 or more skills on your prole 4. Add an execu+ve summary 100% complete your5. Add your educa+on profile = 40% greater6. Have 50 or more chance of achieving connec+ons networking success!7. Add 3 recommenda+ons from your network expect clarity
  • LinkedIn Professional Headline Your professional headline is a snapshot of you. Think of it as your LinkedIn elevator pitch. You have 7 seconds in to catch the onlookers eye, then another 13 seconds to compel them to take action. You have only 120 characters in which to do this. Example: Title | What You Do | Value Proposition | Unique Success | Trust and/or Credibility My Headline: Speaker, Author at Mindfull | Social Media Seminars, Training, Workshops | Web Savvy Marketer expect clarity
  • LinkedIn Professional Headline A key word search for loan officer is shown highlighted in these search results. expect clarity
  • Search Engine OptimizationWant to appear on the first page of BOTH the Linkedin searchresults page, and any search engine such as google, bing,yahoo, etc ? Test your keywords and key word phrases to see who appears there now! What can you learn and apply about this person to your profile page? Example; Loan Officermake sure this keyword phrase appears in ALL of these LINKEDIN areas; Headline, Title, Summary, Experience, Skills, Expertise, recommendations, websites anchor text, honors and awards! expect clarity
  • Tag your skills and expertise expect clarity
  • Link to your website keywords expect clarity
  • Claim your vanity url expect clarity
  • LinkedIn Prole SeGngs Click each of the tabs above! Adjust your profile settings for maximum exposure! Make sure your individual settings are for everyone to view your profile. expect clarity
  • Building your network!Connect your personal email account, or outlook contacts!Connect with co workers from current and past employersConnect with people you may know (1st and 2nd degree connections)Quantity VS. Quality strategy?How large a network strategy?Goal? To create a relationship not to make a sale! expect clarity
  • Prospecting using Linkedin search! expect clarity
  • Advanced Search Power Search expect clarity
  • Advanced Search by Keywords expect clarity
  • Leverage Linkedin Connections!92% of prospects never respond to a cold call or email84% of your prospects WILL respond to cold calls or email when you leverageconnections! Who do you know, who knows, who you want to know? expect clarity
  • Contacts Notes - Important Details Examples of tags are Prospect, Customer, Partner, Realtor, Attorney, etc. You have heard of CRM (Customer Relationship Management). How about PRM (Prospect Relationship Management)? Use Linkedin Notes to capture information about your new contacts! expect clarity
  • Organize Your Connec+ons CREATE FOLDERS Organize Leads Organize Partnerships Organize Referral Sources Organize Clients Send group messages Create group updates expect clarity
  • Tag and Filter messaging all expect clarity
  • Linkedin to CRM or OUTLOOK sync expect clarity
  • Linkedin add on: Outlook Toolbar Access Your Connections In Your Inbox See the latest LinkedIn ac+vity and prole photo from any connec+on that sends you an e-mail. *Outlook 2010, 2007, or 2003 required Quick search from anywhereLook up people instantly from any website - Search for names, +tles, companies, and job pos+ngs - Save searches for the future expect clarity
  • Make Recommenda+ons! expect clarity
  • Ask for Recommenda+ons! What is more powerful than a personal recommendation? Call or email people in advance to let them know to expect your request! A similar popular referral or recommendation resource used today on Facebook is called Stik and Branchout expect clarity
  • 7 reasons businesses should use LinkedIn 1. Search engine reputa+on management 2. Increase brand visibility 3. Lead genera+on 4. Decision maker lead tracking 5. Targeted ads 6. Recrui+ng new talent 7. Product feature expect clarity
  • hXp:// New products and services tab: Including video Product and services pages: For categories; industry, geography, job/role, companies you follow Recommendations = Facebook like button Network view: People + recommendations expect clarity
  • Advanced Search for Companies expect clarity
  • Make direct contact with key people A Basic (free) account is for anyone who wants to create and maintain a professional profile online. With a premium account, you can send InMails to reach anyone on LinkedIn, get hundreds of additional search results, save and organize profiles, and see more information about whos viewed your profile. Varies; $20-$40-$75-$500/mo expect clarity
  • Open Link *premium feature OpenLin...