Library Ethnography - Observation and Interview

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<p>Library Ethnography Observation and Interview</p> <p>By: Candice GuthrieInterviewee: Sam SykesLibrary EthnographyObservation and Interview</p> <p>Look up the book by using the UWG Library Catalog on the homepage of the UWG Ingram Library website.Use the call number to find the book on either the second or third floor.After finding the book take it to the check out desk.How to check out a book</p> <p>Use the call number to locate the bookCall numbers that begin with the letter A-H are on the 2nd floor and J-Z are on the 3rd floorAfter locating the book you are ready to go check it outHow to find the book</p> <p>Bring the book to the check-out deskShow your UWG i.d. to desk clerkCheck-out book and return it by the return date Check out time</p> <p>Q: How did you find out how to use the Library Catalog?A: Im used to going to libraries and checking out books, so I just went to the library website found the catalog and went from there.Q: Was the Library Catalog useful in finding your book?A: Yes, it was very useful. Without the library catalog I dont think I would have ever found the book.Q: Do you check out books from the library often?A: Not that often, only when I need a book for researchInterview</p>


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