Liberating Structures Practice Session

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  • Infecting Education with Liberating Structures @ ETUGNancy White@NancyWhite channeling Keith McCandless from

  • Liberating Structuresincluding and unleashing everyonehttp://www.liberatingstructures.comKeith and Henri (and thanks for their permission to share their agendas, images, etc.)

  • McCandless and Lipmanowicz

  • A repertoire to help us1. BE together 2. Engage WITH each other3. Unleash everyone (sensemaking/application)

  • Human SpectrogramIll tell you the questions

  • So far

    1-2-4-AllWhat, so what, what now (W3)15% solution

  • Impromptu Networking

    What question do we want to explore in the next 60 minutes?

  • VariantsMad Tea Party a.k.a. speed dating

  • McCandless and Lipmanowicz

  • McCandless and Lipmanowicz

  • McCandless and Lipmanowicz

  • McCandless and Lipmanowicz

  • Trial Balloon For LS SeriesIn SeattleMcCandless and Lipmanowicz

  • Inspired by McCandless and Lipmanowicz

  • TRIZ

  • TRIZ Variant:

    "If our approach to teaching and learning online wastotally obliteratedlast night, what parts would you re-establish?"

    "What new functions or attributes would you add?"

  • Seattle Workshop 1 A G E N D AMcCandless and Lipmanowicz



    78 < lunch >910


    A G E N D A1. Impromptu Networking

    2. TBD3. 1-2-4 All4. 15% Solutions5. Troika Consulting6. Nine Whys7. Generative Relationships8. Users Fishbowl Lunch9. TRIZ10. What Debrief11. StoryBoards 12. Celebrity Interview13. Panarchy14. Webbing or Mad Tea

  • McCandless and Lipmanowicz

  • McCandless and Lipmanowicz

    Topic or PhaseGoalLS Micro-StructureWhy this LS?Steps/ TimingFacilitator/ Participants

  • McCandless and Lipmanowicz

  • 25/10 Crowd SourcingIf you were 10 times bolder, what big idea would you recommend? What first step would you take to get started?

  • McCandless and Lipmanowicz

  • 15% SolutionWhere is your 15%? Where do you have discretion and freedom to act?

  • Troika Consulting + KanbanWhat next?

  • 2. Where are we starting, honestly? Next WeekNext MonthNext QuarterNext Year Action




    Current status:Current status:GOAL 3 Strategy Safari G A M E P L A NGOAL 1 1. What is happening around us that demandsadaptation?GOAL 23. Given our purpose, what seems possible now?What isat stake if we do not change? Current status: 5. How are we breaking away from the current state toward the future? McCandless

    **Liberating Structures menu from

    **************A sample visual agenda*Another agenda sample********