Let's go to Tripoli

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A presentation of Tripoli created by the students of the 3rd Lyceum of Tripoli.


  • 1. Schools, lets go to Tripoli, a city of a glorious pastand a glamorous present.

2. Our school, 3rd SeniorHigh School A group of students from the 3rd GeneralLyceum of Tripoli describe their city the way theyexperience it in their everyday life. They recall thepast, and modernize the present so that they areable to gaze with optimism at the future.Read more about our school at the website:http://3lyktripol.ark.sch.gr/autosch/joomla15/ 3. Kolokotronis is featured onthe emblem of the city(left),The St. Billssquare (right).Being at the heart of Peloponnese, Tripoli isthe perfect place to stay if you wish to explore thewhole region. Many well-furnished and economicalhotels can provide their guests with facilities ofhigh quality in a cozy and friendly environment.Read more about Tripoli at:http://arcadia.ceid.upatras.gr/arkadia/engversion/index.html 4. The Menalon Mountain (left),Astros Beach(right).However, before you organize a trip to eitherthe ski resort of Ostrakina (30km away) or thesandy beach of Astros (45km), take some time toexplore the city of Tripoli, itself. A city where theold and the new co-exist in harmony.Read more about Ostrakina at: http://www.ostrakina.com.gr/main.htmlor Asrtos at: http://www.astrosparalio.gr/ 5. The AreosSquare (left),the so- calledPezodromos(right). On the one hand, intact has remained the AreosSquare, the landmark of the city, along which wehave all ridden our first bike. Yet, on the otherhand, a number of pedestrian areas have nowcropped up, where the young people can enjoy theircoffee listening to all kinds of music. 6. Easter Celebrationsat theAreos Square.Similarly, on the one hand, Tripoli maintains thetraditional Easter Festival, during which hundreds oflocal people and visitors gather at the Areos Square andtaste lamp roasted on a spit and local wine. While, onthe other hand, Tripoli often hosts a number of feastseither dedicated to a local product (potato, garlic, etc) orsome kind of music or dance festival. 7. TheMaliaropoulio Theatre(left), the CulturalCenter (right). And although, there isnt a permanenttheatre, several theatrical performances for all agesand all tastes take place all the year round, either at therestored neo-classic building of the MaliaropoulioTheatre or the modern building of the citys CulturalCentre; and of course there is a multi-cinema. 8. On the left:the emblem of theUniversity, Pelops on his horse- drivencarriage.A breath of fresh air has been brought to thecity by the students of the recently (2002) foundedUniversity of Peloponnese, which has its seat inTripoli and consists of two Faculties related toInformation and Communications Technology andBusiness Administration, respectively.You can read more about the University of Peloponnese at:http://www.uop.gr 9. Asterasmeansstarin Greek.Besides, a presentation of Tripoli would notbe considered to be complete without referring toits football team of Asteras. A small team that usedto take part in the local championships has nowreached one of highest positions of the nationalrank.You can read more about Asteras Tripolis at its website:http://www.asterastripolis.gr 10. A man dressed as Kolokotronis takes part in theparade(left). The Carnivalof Tripoli (right). Its then obvious that there are many reasons foryou to come to Tripoli; for its a place that combinesnatural beauty and touristic attractions of all kinds. WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU!