Let's go gardening!

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1. By 5 year-old children from CEIP.Madre de Dios.HOW TO GROW A PLANT 2. That is to say: a pot, some seeds, some soil,water and a bit of sunshine.1. Know what you need 3. 2. Play with the new words. 4. it is the best way to know them well!! 5. 3. It is a good idea if somebody (forexample your teacher) tells you a taleabout plants. 6. and then you can tell the tale to yourclassmates. 7. 4. You can also watch a short filmabout seeds and plants ( there arelots in English in the Internet!) 8. 5. Once you know all the theory 9. and if you have learnt all the steps 10. comes the funny bit:lets go gardening!! 11. 6. We have green fingers: we planted ourseed and it was great fun!! 12. We all did something... it was so exciting!! 13. And nowits just a matter of waiting 14. THE END