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  • 1. Revision Nothings ever perfect

2. What is revision? Re-seeing Re-shaping The Writing Process Invention Drafting Revision http://www.oldorchardbeachmaine.com/Photos/SandcastlePierOldOrchardBeach.jpg 3. Revisions Two Parts Higher Order (Content) Lower Order (Editing) http://www.wpclipart.com/tools/ladder.png 4. Higher Order Revising Thesis Evidence Development Arrangement Know your audience AND the so what? http://eatingleeds.co.uk/2006/08/chocolate%20and%20beetroot%20cake.jpg 5. Techniques Peer Review Self as Audience Read Aloud Toulmin Analysis Take a Break 6. Lower Order Revising Transitions Spelling (beware the checker) Word Choice Correct Punctuation! Subject-Verb Agreement 7. Techniques Peer Review Read Aloud Backwards paper reading use your resources 8. ? 9. Group Activity In groups of two, revise a short paragraph. What and how did we revise? 10. Assignment For next class complete Toulmin Analysis of your drafts. Be prepared to discuss next time.