Lesson 3: Photo sharing & Editing

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A short lesson on how to get the photos onto the computer, how to print, share and edit photos, and how to use free editing tools such as Picasa


<ul><li>1.Communications ThroughTechnologyLesson Three: Editing and Sharing Photos</li></ul> <p>2. Objectives Objectives:1. Find and store photos on computer2. Transfer pictures from camera into computer using USB3. Edit photos using free software on Windowsor Picasa4. Share pictures to friends and family usingE-mail5. Upload pictures to the web using Picasawww.themeart.com2 3. Finding &amp; Opening Photos May be anywhere in your files Photos are files with different extensions at theend (such as .jpg and .gif) Organize photos into folders. Save in photolibrary Photo will open in the program that you havedefined under default (can be Windows photoviewer, Picasa or other) To change default, Control panel to programs todefault programs to set default programswww.themeart.com3 4. Transfer pictures from camera tocomputer Memory card from camera: Insert card, wait,choose option from pop up window USB cable: Turn off camera, connect cable tocomputer, may see a pop up window (selectimport pictures using windows), or if no popup, use photo software like Windows PhotoGallery, and import from camera or scanner. Cant find pictures? Might have to find cameraon My Computer. Look for DCIM folder &amp; keepclicking until you find the pictures.www.themeart.com 4 5. Print and Share photos from your phone Connect phone to computer with memorycard or USB cable Or, send picture from phone. Phonesvary. If you dont know how, try googlingyour phone for suggestions Try this: Take picture with phone, e-mailit, open and save it to desktop, send tosomeone else from your computerwww.themeart.com5 6. Edit photos with Windows Photo Gallery Download Windows Photo Gallery if you donthave it Open Windows Live Photo Gallery (use searchto find program) Double click on photo Try out the different options for editing Hate what you did? Click revert to originalat top www.themeart.com 6 7. Edit photos with Picasa Download Picasa (picasa.google.com ) Open Picasa Double click on picture to edit Try out the different options for editing Hate what you did? Right click on picture, click undo all edits, remove edits Use Help menu for more informationwww.themeart.com7 8. Upload photos to online Picasa Click upload on bottom of screen Determine which album you are sendingpicture to. Can change album using drop downmenu or create new folder Choose size for picture (smaller for blogs) Choose visibility (anyone, anyone with link orprivate) Can share with groups on Google contactswww.themeart.com 8 9. Other ways you can share photos &amp; videos Upload videos to YouTube Upload photo to Facebook, Twitter or Gmail Upload a photo to your blog Upload slideshows to Slideshare.net Create a photo book on MyPublisherwww.themeart.com9 10. Next week: Social Networkingwww.themeart.com10 </p>