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  • Quiz adapted into a PowerPoint by:

    Ms. J Wooldridge

  • On the left side, title this activity:

    My Learning Style

    Number from #1-13:Leave enough room for a letter answer
  • A book on National Parks that has lots of pictures in it

    A novel or mystery with lots of detailed descriptions or conversations

    A book with word searches or crossword puzzles

    Teacher: Be sure to read each of the slides completely for auditory learners.


  • Write it down to see if it looks right

    Spell it out loud to see if it sounds right

    Trace the letters in the air (finger spelling)

  • Look around at the other clothes on the racks

    Talk to the person next to you in line

    Fiddle around with your money or sway back and forth

  • Picture a cat in your mind

    Say the word cat to yourself

    Think about being with a cat (petting it or hearing it purr)

  • Watch a movie or a demonstration about it

    Read about it or listen to someone explain it

    Figure it out on your own by taking it apart

  • The faces of the people who were there

    The music that the DJ played

    The dance moves you did and the food you ate

  • People walking past you

    Loud noises

    An uncomfortable chair

    Teacher: Have students stand up next to their desk, stretch their arms forward, and then answer this question (tactile learners)


  • Put on your mad face

    Yell and scream

    Slam doors

  • Smile from ear to ear

    Talk up a storm

    Act really hyper

  • Picture the video that goes along with it

    Sing or hum along with the music

    Start dancing or tapping your foot

  • Lights that are too bright or too dim

    Noises from the hallway or outside the building (like traffic or someone cutting the grass)

    The temperature being too hot or too cold

  • Read (magazine, book, etc)

    Listen to music

    Go for a walk, run, or play sports

  • A movie

    A concert

    An amusement park

  • Under your answers for #1-13, add up how many of each letter answer you have and write:

    A = ______ B = ______ C = ______

    Then circle the letter that has the largest #.Tell your teacher which letter (A, B, or C) you selected the most often when she asks you.

    Teacher will record A, B, or C next to her student roster so she knows which learning style each student is. Students are more likely to be honest with their largest # of responses if they dont know what they mean yet.


  • Selecting A the most means:

    You are mainly an Visual (Seeing) Learner

    Selecting B the most means:

    You are mainly a Auditory (Hearing) Learner

    Selecting C the most means:

    You are mainly a Tactile (Doing) LearnerOn your page write: I am a ________ Learner.

    Ask students: When people were reading off their letter, did everyone say the same letter? What does it mean that a lot of people said different letters? We all learn differently. Therefore, as your teacher I will be using a variety of strategies that will help people learn in different ways.


  • Visual Learners Should: Auditory Learners Should:Tactile Learners Should: Sit near the front of the class Use flashcards to learn new words Try to visualize things you hear or things you read Write down key words, ideas, or instructions Color code things Draw pictures to help explain new conceptsBe sure to sit where you can hear Use flashcards to learn new words, but read them out loud Read stories, assignments, or directions out loud Study new material by reading it out loud Remember that you need to HEAR things, not just see things, in order to learn Participate in activities that involve touching, building, moving, or doing Its OK to walk around or tap your foot while reading or studying Trace words with your finger to learn spelling Its OK to tap a pencil, shake your leg, or hold on to something while learning

    Have students write at least 2 things on the same page in their journal/paper that is a good strategy for them to learn best based on their style. Such as Strategies for me to learn best are

    Then have students turn to their partner and share one thing they think will help them learn.

    Teacher: Randomly select a few students to share what their partner told them.