Learning act# 8 looking through experience

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  1. 1. Cebu Normal UniversityOsmea Blvd., Cebu CityName: Caada, Shara S. Yr. & Sec.: BSEd-TLE IIISubject: Field Study 1 Class Schedule: MW (1:30-3:00 P.M.)Learning Act. # 8: Looking Through ExperienceObservationName of School Observed: Abellana National SchoolGrade/Year Level: Grade 7Date of Visit: September 03, 2014Subject Area: Garments Exploratory1. What teaching-learning was used by the teacher?Based on what I had observed, the teacher used two teaching-learningapproaches. One of it was the active learning approach where in the pupils areactively involved and engaging in such higher order thinking tasks as analysis,synthesis and evaluation. Then, the other was collaborative approach where in theteacher encourages group discussions.2. What principle of teaching is used in the subject being observed?The principle that the teacher followed was Looking for occasions when studentscan work out part (or all) of the content or instructions.3. How were the principle applied in the observed class?The teacher allowed questions to be raised as well as she accepts suggestionsand idea among the class. After the sharing of discussions, she gave feedbacksand clarifications of the topic.4. How did the teaching process facilitate: Cognition? Through teaching processes, the students were supplied sufficient knowledgethat can be used in their daily lives.
  2. 2. Metacognition? Teaching-learning facilitated learning through higher order strategies forcreative and critical thinking. With these, students were able to think moreabout the topic and its implication to their daily lives. Positive motivational? Teaching processes facilitates positive motivational by encouraging studentsto learn more and to participate in class discussions.5. What instructional materials were used in the teaching? Visual aids and Realia of sewing machine6. What assessment tool is used to measure learning? Describe how the assessmentwas conducted. The teacher used written exam after the lecture to measure studentslearning.ReflectionsWrite a brief reflection of your feelings and insights from your observation experience.Teacher plays a vital role in molding students to become more knowledgeablebut its up for the teacher what learning approach she will used in teaching dependingon the topic, the needs of the learners, availability of the materials and characteristicsof the learners.