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  • 1. LEAD | Management Body
  • 2. Leadership Test-Lets find out what sort of a leader you are.
  • 3. Sit in one big circle
  • 4. Write your name on a sheet of paper
  • 5. Pass on the sheet to the person on your right.
  • 6. Now from the following, mention five qualities that describes the person sitting on your left the best.
  • 7. Confident Overwhelmed and Expert Discouraged Accomplished confusedInspired Inspires others Insecure Self assuredSelf critical Sometimes doubtful and knowledge. Generally Self driven makes productive c but needs ontribution continuous challenges and opportunities to stay motivated.Unreliable and Flashes of capable Needs Assuranceinconsistent competence but that mistakes are a needs more part of learning development and passion knowledge Proactive
  • 8. Pass the paper to the right.
  • 9. Each person needs tomention five qualities about all the other people in the room.
  • 10. Get your own sheets back.
  • 11. Note the qualities that have been mentionedby others the maximumnumber of times in your sheet.
  • 12. Now find out which out of D1, D2, D3, D4 do you belong to.
  • 13. D4 Individual is con@ident, Inspired, Inspires others, Expert, Self assured, Accompli shed and Proactive.D3 Self critical, Sometimes doubtful , capable, makes productive contribution, Insecur e, Generally self- driven but needs continuous challenges and opportunities to stay motivated.D2 Discouraged, over whelmed and confused, Needs assurance that mistakes are a pa rt of the learning process, Unreliable and inconsistent, Flashes of compete nce but needs more development and knowledge. D1 Inexperienced, Eager to learn, willing to take direction, Excited and Optimistic, Canmake mistakes and they are not aware of what they dont know but need to know.
  • 14. D1 D2 D3 D4Self reliant achiever Capable but Disillusionised Enthusiast Beginner cautious performer LearnerHigh Competence Moderate to Low to some Low competence competence, competence High comitmentHigh Commitment Variable Low Commitment Commitment
  • 15. Feedback