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Latest SEO Strategy toBuild Your Online Reputation

Search Engine Optimisation is a technique that is used to draw more traffic towards to a website by getting a top rank in the leading search engines. The two strategies used in SEO are:

On-page SEO&Off-page SEO

On-page SEOIt is used basically to build and structure your website into a user friendly web page. We are referring to title, content and others present inside the website. Off-page SEOIt helps in increasing the popularity of your web page that leads to more visibility. It will help in improving your search engine result position.

Social MediaIt helps in the growth of business as majority of the potential users are present in various social sites. Therefore, try to engage with people in such website.

Social Bookmarking

It is the best method to promote your web page. If you bookmark your website on any social media, it will ensure high traffic

Form Submission

Participation in various forums and community that are related to your business can be beneficial in the long run.

Blog Directory

It constantly works to build back links. Choose effective directory and try to select proper category. It might take some time but results are long-lasting.

Queries and AnswerJoin communities related to your webpage and answer to the questions posted on the site. This will result into high traffic to your web page.

Article SubmissionMake sure the content that you are posting is of good quality and post them on a high PR submission directory.

Video Submission

Provide proper description, title, reference links and tags. It is one of the popular strategies to get quality back links to have high PR.

Image SubmissionShare the images and pictures on famous websites and give proper description and title with right title tag and URL

Infographics SubmissionThey are quite popular over the Internet these days. So, try to make them creative to attract users towards your web page

Document Sharingthe documents and content that you are sharing should be unique and creative. Make sure you post relevant blogs or document in either ppt or pdf format.

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