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  1. 1. By Upendra Rana
  2. 2. Authors Note Upendra Singh Rana obtained his BCA & MCA from IME college, Sahibabad. Introduction Technical book writing is a simple Job. Pick up a technology that appeals you, spend some time understanding it, browse the net for some additional information and then keep writing till the time you do not reach the end. I have tried to make this book different in one more way by giving personal experience with you.
  3. 3. Many people who buy this book will never read it in its entirety. To help and ensure you get some value out of this text (and, therefore, read the whole thing), here is a quick-start checklist highlighting the most important aspects of search engine optimization and Internet marketing. When looking to start with search engine optimization, consider the following issues: SEO Tools Oftentimes using the right tools can save you both time and money. I have created a free checklist of all the SEO tools I use. You may get from the end of book. Few of them are: Speed test through GTMatrix. SMO through Woorank. Backlinks through backlink watch. Domain details through whois. Competitor through Keyword spy To read more buy book now.
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