LAI/CILIP session - Daniel

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Text of LAI/CILIP session - Daniel

Developing your careerwhen


Interning Example 1: School Librarianship. The end result of weeks of searching.

Interning Example 2:Cataloguing.A chance to put classroom learning to practice.

Diversity:Two different projects.Now a foot in more than one library camp.

VolunteeringDropping CVs wherever.Establishing yourself......because you never know.

Issues of VolunteeringMoney, or lack of.Location, location, location...


Starting as a New Professional

And all the fun that entails...

Safety in NumbersJoining a professional body, e.g. LAI, CILIP.There are people just like you...Staying keyed in to the big issues.Regular newsletters.

Attending EventsAnd since youre here, good start!

Creating an online presence:LinkedIn.Facebook.Twitter.

Stay Mobile!

Continued EducationSome provided by institutions.IT high level of skill involved.FAS?

Diversity AgainBe an insect succeed!

Let no skill get left behindPrior background.Languages?Transferable Skills.

And finally......thank for you listening!