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Kinship of Tomahawk

Kinship of TomahawkConnecting kids with the community of Tomahawk through Social Media

By: Eric Cowsill & Adam Webster, 5822 Social Media ClassAugust 12, 2012

Project OutlineKinship of TomahawkWho are they?What are their challenges?Social Media ProjectObjectiveGoalsProposed PlanImplementation PlanTimelineIssues & BarriersConclusion & Lessons Learned

Kinship of TomahawkStarted in 1997 by the Tomahawk Together community organizationMission StatementKinship of Tomahawk improves lives by establishing quality relationships between individuals and caring volunteers for the purpose of promoting stability, support, friendship, and communitySupports a rural community of 3,400 people in Tomahawk, WIVolunteer organization that is presently serving 68 kids through mentoring

Kinship of Tomahawk ChallengesFundingSmall county grantPrimary funding from fundraisers and donationsRequires continuous organization, promotion, and timeMentorsDeficit in mentors to serve kids searching for mentorsQuality ConnectionsSome mentor-child relationships fail due to lack of support, poor compatibility, and time commitmentsVolunteersProgram requires continuous influx of volunteers for event planning and supervision

Project MissionLeverage social media to more efficiently address fund-raising needs, recruiting mentors and volunteers, and connecting kids with the worldBring awareness to Kinship of TomahawkCreate a strategy that minimizes time requirements and maximizes effectiveness.

Project GoalsImplement the strategy by October of 2012.Establish a Social Media guru position for Kinship of Tomahawk.Increase fund-raising by 20% in the first year of implementation.Reduce the kids in waiting for mentors by 50%.Increase Kinships social media exposure, as measured by Klout, by 100%.

Current SituationCurrent Internet-based Tools Internet page: KinshipTomahawk.orgFacebookYouTube Promotional Video

Problems with Current ApproachLack of Expertise in tools {the organization} is not very familiar with how to use Facebook effectively P. HilgendorfCohesivenessTools dont support the organization for funding and mentor supportThe tools dont work togetherShowcaseSocial media outlets are not updated often due to time constraints.Social media outlets dont showcase the organization

Project PlanFlickrOne Stop snapshot of Kinships activities. Automatically link photos to FacebookMobile, tablet, or desktop access and uploading capabilityFacebookConnect kids and mentorsUpdate community on events and activitiesLink to donation resourcesTwitterQuick updates to the Kinship community. Grow followersBlogMove the monthly newsletter to a blog format. Connect with Facebook and TwitterWeb PageDesigned to directly link to Social Media Outlets

How does it all work together?

Project TimelineActivityDeadlineApproval of Project PlanSeptember 1, 2012Develop accounts for social media sitesSeptember 10, 2012Implement wireless network for KinshipSeptember 20, 2012Obtain more computers to allow kids to view social media sitesOctober 15, 2012Establish policies and procedures for maintaining the social media sitesNovember 1, 2012Train volunteers on how to maintain social media sitesDecember 1, 2012Review project status and address any remaining issuesDecember 15, 2012Final Project ReviewDecember 30, 2012

How will effectiveness be measured?Growth in

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Barriers for a Successful SM StrategyKeeping focused on the task at hand and choosing the social media tools that would have the greatest impact for the program.The local demographic is not comprised of early adopters of technology. Thus, not all social media tools are being used.While the staff does have experience with web tools, she does not have the knowledge in using the tools efficiently.Staffing is limited. Any recommendations/action items we recommend need to be concise, easy to use and not require a larger time commitment from her.Coordinating efforts while juggling work and family presented challenges.Not being able to meet with the staff in person is challenging. Knowledge can be gained from an in-person meeting that cant be obtained from email or phone calls.

Keys to SuccessCommitment to Social MediaGive kids access to the sitesPromotion of the toolsConnectHave fun with it!

ConclusionIts about the kids first!Money isnt everything. Community is more important.Simplify. More isnt always betterUnderstand the demographics. Make sure the tools accommodate the user group.Success breads more success. Broadcast the progress