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  • 1. The kinesthetic learning style.
    Strategies, resources and competences in English.
    Teacher: Montse Irun
    Components of the group:
    - Dborah Corts
    - Mriam Cuenca
    - Marta Escamilla

2. Tableofcontents
Definition of learning styles
Kinesthetic learners definition
Characteristics of kinesthetic learners
3. Definition of learning styles
What is a learning style?
Is an individual mode of learning and remember information.
How many sorts of learning are?
Each person has its own learning style; some of them are visual learners, auditory learners and others are kinesthetic learners.
4. Kinestheticlearnersdefinition
Who are they?
They are people who cantlearn by hearing or seeing.
They are often called tactile learners.
They can be found in a range of professions from dancers to surgeons
They communicate as much with their body language as they do through spoken words
5. Characteristics of kinesthetic learners
1- They need to move his body to express what they want to say.
6. 2-When they sit down they find to sit still for a long period.
7. 3-When they talk they usually use lots of verbs and actions.
8. 4-When they talk to someone they stay closer to them and sometimes touche people to get their attention.
9. 5- They might become distracted because they need to do activities.
10. 6- Kinesthetic learners are usually well coordinated and have a very good sense of synchronization.
11. 7- They are usually good at drawing
12. 8- They can remember what was done but is difficult for them to recall what was said or seen.
13. 9- Kinesthetic learners need to take breaks frequently.
14. 10- They rely on what
they can directly
experience or perform
15. Bibliography
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