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  • Oakland Elementary School Home of the Olympians

  • Coordinated School Health program that promotes physical

    activity and healthy food choices. CATCH focuses on four areas:


    Physical Education

    Food Service


    What is ?

  • Catch is for Everyone

    Inclusive everybody plays!

    Proven Health Benefits

    Long-term, decreased fat consumption and increased physical activity among children and adolescents.

    Reduction in the number of 4th graders considered to be

    either overweight or obese

    Cost Effective

    $8.67 per child, annually


  • Nutrition


    Prevention and treatment of overweight and obesity

    Life-long habits


    Healthy lunch menu

    Healthy celebrations

    Nutrition integrated into classroom curriculum

  • Physical Activity


    Reduces the risk of several health problems associated with lack of exercise


    Brain Breaks

    Health-promoting homework

    Activity contracts

    CATCH curriculum in PE classes

    Staff Involvement

    Fitness Month

  • Parent/Community Involvement Why?

    Parent involvement increases student achievement

    Students are more likely to develop healthy skills, avoid risky behaviors, and remain in school when they feel valued by their families and communities


    Classes for parents

    Communication through newsletters

    Physical Activity/Health Fair

    Community Garden

    Parks and Recreation Centers

    Guest Speakers

  • Before, During, & After School

    Activities Stephanie Roche

  • Before, During & After School Clubs

    Whats the point?

    According to Dr. Beth Millers research before, during and after school programs participation is proven to reduce

    negative behaviors (e.g. juvenile delinquency, substance

    abuse, dropout rate, conflicts between youth, school

    suspensions) and increase attitudes and behaviors linked

    with school success (e.g. better school behavior, better

    emotional adjustment, better work habits, improved

    relationships with parents, improved grades).

  • Before School

    Breakfast of


    Provide delicious and

    nutritious breakfast

    options that jumpstart

    the students day and encourage healthy

    eating for every


  • During School

    Fun Friday

    Each grade gets an

    additional hour and a

    half of physically active

    game time on Fridays

    A committee of

    students is elected

    weekly by their peers to

    determine (with

    assistance of the PE

    teacher) the games to

    be played

  • After School

    The Winners Circle

    Eat like a Champion

    Eat and learn why we

    eat healthy foods!

    Study like a Champion

    Homework help from

    the teachers!

    Train like Olympians!

    Running, Gymnastics,

    Volleyball, Basketball,

    Handball, Table Tennis

  • Physical Activity in the Classroom

    Courtney Duncan

  • Daily Rule

    Monday: Tip toe to the bathroom

    Tuesday: 5 jumping jacks

    before entering classroom

    Wednesday: Five hops if you get a question correct

    Thursday: Stand on one foot while waiting in line in


    Friday: Raise both hands instead of

    one when putting your hand up

  • Proven to improve on-task learning behavior

    Students more attentive, behave better, and perform as well

    or better scholastically after physical activity

    Every classroom will have at least 3 brain breaks a day

    Nose/ear challenge

    Get to know your classmates

    Cha cha slide

    Simon says

    Trading places

  • Healthy


    y Contract

    Contract within their classroom to do 60

    minutes of exercise a day

    Encouraged to work with families to

    complete their daily hour

    Weekly reports of the students physical activity to give recognition

  • Fitness Month

    November of every year

    Encouraged to get involved in many physical

    activities during this month, especially social.

    Keep track of physical activities on a chart in classroom,

    based on the honor system

    Teachers speak more about

    physical activity

    One more brain break each day

    and get outside twice a week

    before the winter months hit.


    Renee Heine

  • Hey Oakland Staff, Youre


    Who? YOU!

    What? Getting Active

    When? Every day

    Where? Where ever you are

    Why? Because we care.

  • Fitness in Staff Meetings

    Just as we are trying to promote

    physical activity in the classroom

    through brain breaks, these

    strategies can work in staff

    meetings as well. Long, mundane

    meetings cause zoning out and

    lack of participation.

    Switching off leaders

    Week 1: Kindergarten teachers

    Week 2: 1st grade teachers

    Week 3: 2nd grade teachers


  • Designated Exercise Sessions

    7AM and 5PM sessions M-F

    Guest instructors

    Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, etc

    Train with a buddy

    Similar interests

    Group pick-up games

  • Weekly Olympic Events

    Students vs Teachers Step Competition

    Door prizes

    Gives the students a chance to lead

    the teachers

    Dodge ball tournament

    Friendly Competition amongst teachers

    Ex: 1st grade vs 2nd grade teachers

    Teachers Students

    M 2000 Steps 1500 Steps

    T 1800 Steps 1900 Steps

    W 1400 Steps 1600 Steps

  • Benefits

    For you

    Relieves Stress

    Sharpens thinking

    Enhances overall mood

    For the students

    Happy, healthy teacher

    Better learning


  • Be the Gold Medalist

    Studies show that, second only to parents, teachers are the

    most important part of a child's education. Great teachers

    make a great difference; poor teachers hurt a child's life


  • Community Involvement

    Allie Winkle

  • Community Cares

    Community involvement to encourage children of all ages to

    improve their health and



    The community should be a tool to help children meet their healthy

    lifestyle goals by creating programs for everyone of all ages

  • Austin ISD Fun Run!

    For all ages!

    Sign up through

    October 5th, 2013Event begins at 8am at DKR

    Memorial Stadium

    -This event encourages healthy

    living styles and prepares

    children to be active.

    - Brings the entire community together to improve

    childrens health- Gives students a chance to

    perform their PE class skills

    outside the classroom

  • Parks and Playgrounds

    Safe and proper equipment

    Beautiful surroundings


    Mon-Fri: 7am- 9pm

    Sat-Sun: 8am-11pm

  • Public Recreation Centers

    Affordable membership rates

    Variety of machines and equipment

    Classes offered!

    Basketball, swimming, tennis, and volleyball

  • Community Gardens

    Open to community during


    Get a chance to grow your

    own food!

    Learn new ways

    to prepare fresh,

    healthy meals

  • Guest Speakers

    Nutritionists will come to speak at schools around Austin.

    This lets students hear from people other

    than their parents and teachers about


  • Marketing Plan

    Abby Lyon

  • Why Marketing?

    1Lee, Sarah M. School Health Guidelines to Promote Healthy Eating and Physical Activity.

    Rep. Division of Adolescent and School Health, National Center for Chronic Disease

    Prevention and Health Promotion, 11 Sept. 2011. Web. 25 Apr. 2013.

    Food advertising and marketing influences

    food and beverage preferences and

    purchase requests of children and

    adolescents, in addition to their dietary


    In 2006, approximately $1.6 billion was

    spent promoting foods, beverages, and fast-food restaurants to children.

    Marketing unhealthy food ads to children

    clearly works; it has contributed to the

    rising obesity rate among children.1

  • How can we use marketing for good?

    Create a healthy school environment

    Communicate with families and community

  • Bulletin Boards

    Point of Decision Prompts

    Located in Cafeteria to guide students food


    Go, Slow, Whoa

  • Bulletin Boards

    Physical Activity Pyramids

    Fun, visual tool that is easy for

    Elementary students to understand

    Student Involvement- What activities

    have you done lately?

  • Bulletin Boards

    CATCH Character Bulletin Boards

    Hearty Heart

    Dynamite Diet

    Salt Sleuth

    Flash Fitness

  • Social Media

    Twitter, Facebook Instagram

    Reach a broad range of followers throughout the community

    Share healthy event information, fun facts, and tips about

    maintaining a healthy lifestyle

  • Includes 3 main elements of school Wellness Policy

    Mailed each month and posted on Bulletin Board