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  2. 2. Starting with the basic outline of what PL/SQL is, you will set the ground work for your knowledge expansion by learning about data types, flow control, errors, and more. You will explore strings, numbers, booleans, and arrays. From there, Lewis jumps into creating programs, using if statements, loops functions, how to handle exceptions, using packages, and even objects. This computer based training tutorial really is an in-depth look at programming with PL/SQL like no other out there! For more info please visit Oracle PL/SQL Online Training
  3. 3. Online OBIEE Training is a Business Intelligence tool of Oracle. It has very good market value and many of the customers are implementing this solution as Oracle is investing lot of money and Time to be the best BI Tool that is currently available in the market. With the acquisition of many products like Hyperion, Essbase, siebel and Endeca, oracle is incorporating all those best features as a process of consolidation. For more info please visit OBIEE Online training
  4. 4. Application instances are provisionable resources . It is a combination of IT resource instance (target connectivity and connector configuration) and resource object (provisioning mechanism). In pre-R2 releases, requests creation was based on name of resources and it was Administrator-centric, which needed good knowledge of technology. However in 11g Release 2 (11.1.2), accounts and entitlements of users are associated with application instances, and not with the IT resource instance or resource object. This makes it easier for an end user to operate. Application instance will be published to organizations and can be requested by users of those organizations. Suppose Microsoft Active Directory (AD) is to be provisioned to users across different organizations or departments across the world. For more info please visit Oracle Fusion Online training
  5. 5. Oracle Fusion Middleware is the only middleware available from any vendor that provides a complete, open, and integrated approach across social, mobile, and cloud technologies. It offers the efficiency of working with a single, strategic partner for all of your middleware requirements, as well as the cost effectiveness of certified integrations with Oracle Database, Oracle Applications, and Oracle Engineered Systems. For more info please visit Oracle SOA Online training
  6. 6. KeyLabs is providing best Oracle 11g DBA Online Training from Hyderabad India, We proud to say that we are only the excellent Online Oracle 11g DBA Training providers across globe. We will give you Online support 24/7 days for the students of KeyLabs. Our Oracle 11g DBA Online Training faculty is Certified, Highly Qualified and dedicated. Our Oracle 11g DBA Online Training course content designed as per the latest trend. In this Oracle 11g DBA Online Training course Our faculty is going to cover all the concepts in detail and real time scenarios as Our Oracle 11g DBA Online Training faculty is Highly experienced. For more info please visit Oracle DBA Online training
  7. 7. Hadoop On-Demand Training offers full-length courses on a range of Hadoop technologies for developers, data analysts and administrators. Designed in a format that meets your convenience, availability and flexibility needs, these courses will lead you on the path to becoming a certified Hadoop professional. For more info please visit Hadoop Online Training
  8. 8. Designed for people who have limited or no previous exposure to Linux, this free online course explores the various tools and techniques commonly used by Linux programmers, system administrators and end users to achieve their day-to-day work in a Linux environment. Upon completion of this training you should have a good working knowledge of Linux, from both a graphical and command line perspective, allowing you to easily navigate through any of the three major Linux distributions. For more info please visit Linux Online Training
  9. 9. SAS originally stood for "Statistical Analysis System", which as the name suggests was used for Statistical analysis. Today it has evolved to become a ubiquitous Business Intelligence (BI) tool which is used for Data analysis, reporting, predictive modelling, data mining, econometric and time series analysis...pretty much anything and everything related to Data Analytics. For more info please visit SAS Online Training
  10. 10. After hundreds of requests from STH readers, today we are finally launching our FREE Selenium Tutorial series. In this Selenium training series we will cover all Selenium testing concepts and its packages in detail with easy to understand practical examples. For more info please visit Selenium online training
  11. 11. This is business intelligence architecture platform which delivers high performance, low cost of ownership, rapid report creation, you will learn about BI architecture / life cycle stages introduction, you will learn multidimensional data modeling: dimensions, hierarchies, levels, measures, types of schemas (star, snow flake), you will be able to identify what is BI and why BI need? For more info please visit Microstrategy online Training
  12. 12. Online Informatica Training is specialized in providing online classes for online Informatica training, online Teradata training,online hadoop training and Data Warehousing, Informatica and Teradata with Real Time by experts in the industry. Online Informatica Training institute provide dedicated specialized Computer courses, which has ample of opportunities in current software industry and supports the learners to enrich their knowledge with up-to-date information. Online Informatica Training also offers them quality guidelines to improve their knowledge. We provides the training to the learners in different concepts and modes to be the vital in the current Job market, having quality,skilled and current Industry expert faculty. And also provides training on complete project (END TO END) with real time. Online Informatica Training also improves the trainees in all the areas and especially at advanced concepts. For more info please visit Informatica online training
  13. 13. The Ab Initio software is a fourth generation data analysis, batch processing, data manipulation graphical user interface (GUI)-based parallel processing product which is commonly used toextract, transform, and load (ETL) data. The Ab Initio product also allows for processing of real-time data. Ab Initio has a Two Tier Architecture with a Graphical Development Environment(GDE) and the Co Operating system coupled together to form a client-server like architecture. For more info please visit AB-Initio online Training
  14. 14. Give your entire team the knowledge they need to design, build, and maintain your Salesforce solution. Give end users in sales, service, and marketing the skills they need to work productively in Salesforce right away. Your team can take intensive, expert-led trainingand for those who prefer to train at their own pace, our Premier Success Plans offer comprehensive, online training for all roles. For more info please visit salesforce developer online training
  15. 15. Business users do not require months, weeks or even one full day of training to begin interacting with QlikView applications. We recommend that all QlikView users spend 30 minutes to review this OnDemand training course, which is designed to give business users a starting point for interacting with powerful Business Discovery tools. This eLearning course consists of two modules: How Does QlikView Work? and Navigating in QlikView. It is an excellent introduction for business users who want to learn to navigate and get started in QlikView. For more info please visit qlikview online training
  16. 16. Quickly improve your Tableau performance and skills through traditional classroom learning, live-online training and self-paced on-demand courses. Our training programs help you master our software and learn how to put it to work for you and your organization. Learn from our experts, and get the most out of your investment in Tableau. Accelerate your skills and empower your learning with hands-on education. Our expert trainers guide you through intensive courses that help you get the most out of Tableau's software. For more info please visit tableau online training