Kevin new year's resolutions

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2. school In 2010 +I willstudy more xI wontsee tv ?Imay [ mei ]ask question ? ?I might[ mait ]pay attention to teacher be top of the class 3. family +I willclean my computer xI wontget dirty my home ?I may[ mei ]hover my bedroom ? ?I might[ mait ] cleanmy windows help my parents 4. health+I willeat vegetables xI wont eat fast food ?I may[ mei ] eat more fruit ? ?I might[ mait ] drink more water give up junk food 5. friends +I will meet with my friend xI wont bother to my friend ?I may[ mei ]be patien ? ?I might[ mait ] be generous invite friends more often 6. money +I will lend money xI wont be selfish ?I may[ mei ] buy presents ? ?I might[ mait ] invite to my friends be more generous 7. TV +I will see the TVE 2 xI wont see heart ?I may[ mei ] see more news ? ?I might[ mait ]see educational films watch more documentaries 8. environment +I will turn off light xI wont turn on light when is morning ?I may[ mei ]Disconnect plug ? ?I might[ mait ] buy Energy saving plugs switch off electricmachines at night 9. hobbies +I will do more exercise xI wont be at home all day ?I may[ mei ] do sport with my friends ? ?I might[ mait ] dancepractise a sport 10. english +I will speak in class xI wont speak spanish in class ?I may[ mei ]practise english at home ? ?I might[ mait ]see english films speak more in class 11. Group work Interview aclassmate