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  • 1.National History Day in Ohio Judge Orientation


  • Any topic in History
  • An individual (or individuals) impact on history.
  • Famous, infamous, regular, composite

Innovation in History: Impact and Change 3.

  • Greet
  • Read

Judging Process: 4.

  • Process Paper
    • 500 words on creation of the project
  • Annotated Bibliography
    • Separated into primary and secondary sources

Judging Process: Read 5.

  • Primary Sources- Written or created at the time of the event or by someone who witnessed the event.
  • Secondary Sources- Interprets or analyzes primary or other secondary sources.

Primary and Secondary Source 6.

  • Greet
  • Read
  • View
  • Question

Judging Process: 7. 8.

    • Ask Questions Like:
    • How did newspapers help you with your research?
    • How did you decide which internet sources were credible?
    • Why did you decide on this topic for your project?


    • Avoid Questions/Comments Like:
    • Did your parents make this project?It looks too good!
    • Why didnt your find more sources?
    • Youre definitely moving on to states!
    • What school are you from?


  • Greet
  • Read
  • View
  • Question
  • Discuss

Judging Process: 11. Evaluation Forms: 12. Evaluation Forms: Historical Quality 13. Evaluation Forms: Relationship to Theme 14. Evaluation Forms: Clarity of Presentation 15. Evaluation Forms: Comments 16. 17.

    • Helpful and Positive:
    • The use of pictures and flow of your project was very easy to follow.Think about diversifying the types of sources you used.The local library or historical society should have a variety of newspaper articles on December 8 thabout Pearl Harbor and the United State entry into World War II in the weeks that followed.The FDR presidential library will be a helpful resources.Makes sure to bring your entry to a conclusion.What is your thesis or big idea?The images you selected really brought great visuals to this topic.Thanks for all your hard work.


    • Avoid Comments Like:
    • One or two words
    • Overtly negative or unfairly critical
    • Good Job or Nice Work with no other explanation
    • This was not a good use of your time.This entry was not an effective analysis of the United States entry into World War II.I dont understand.


  • Original
  • Up to 10 minutes
  • 5 minutes for set up

Performances 20.

  • Not a performance on tape!
  • Student-run equipment
  • Up to 10 minutes

Documentaries 21.

  • Mini museum display
  • 500 student composed words
  • Up to 6 feet tall, 40 inches wide, 30 inches in depth

Exhibits 22.

  • 1500- 2500 word essays
  • Conduct interviews

Papers 23.

  • 1200 Student Composed Words
  • Re-occurring menus and titles count once
  • Multi-media clips up to 45 seconds
  • 100mb file space

Web Sites 24. Questions?


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