Journalism Under The Bridge

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  • 1. Journalism Under the Bridge By Carlos Restrepo


  • Photos taken in Medellin, Colombia, during this Christmas.
  • Two cameras under 200 dollars used to shoot.
  • The family shown lives underneath a bridge in Medellin. They were forced to leave their house, with everything they had, in Barranquilla, by the Paramilitary righ-winged guerilla group AUC (Self-defended Army Forces of Colombia)

3. Luzaida Sanchez, 35 4. Luzeidas husband, Hilario Antonio Gomez. 5. 6. 7.

  • Kitchen.
  • The river often has a smell of trash.


  • The government often ignores these people, but during Christmas they are willing to pay thousands of dollars to build works of art with lights throughout the city.

9. 10.

  • These stories often go untold by the mass media

11. 12. I`m the journalist of the future because I can tell a story with little equipment, but hardwork and the desire to listen and show the world all kinds of stories. 13.