Journaling In The Music Room

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Journaling in the Music Classroom is a great way to engage and connect with your students, maintain a positive and structured classroom environment, and meet school-wide educational objectives such as Adopt-an-Anchor and Reading Across the Curriculum. View today and join the movement!


  • 1.Journaling in the Music Classroom Travis Williamson EDIM 510 Web 2.0

2. What is Journaling? Listening Journals Reflection Journals Read and Write Journals Types of Journals An opportunity for written response. 3. Standards and Journals Journals can match content-area standards Journals can integrate language arts standards Adopt-An-Anchor strategy 4. How to Journal Journal begins with prompting. Prompt with Question Prompt with Recorded Music and Question Prompt with Reading Material and Question Prompt with Video Clip and Question 5. Assessment and Journals Can be based on Grammar. Can be based on Quantity. Can be based on topic knowledge. Can be assessed through discussion. Assessment should not stifle writers. 6. Classroom Management Used for opening or closing activities. Can provide clear structure and expectation. Individual writing allows for teacher coaching. 7. Journaling Tech Classroom Stereo allows listening prompts. PowerPoint Prompts allow images and video. Blogging Prompts allow peer review and comment. Other Computer, Tablet and Mobile Options. 8. Journal Samples What feelings are expressed in this piece, and how do you know? 9. Journal Samples What genre does this piece fit, and why? 10. Journal Samples What mental image(s) does this recording give you? 11. Journal Samples What inspired the people of the Age of Enlightenment? 12. Activity At your seat, create a prompt to match a recording or music-related video you could use in your classroom. Is this something you could use in your classroom? Questions and Answers. 13. Resources Entry with Pen Image: Closed Journal Image: Reel-to-Reel Image: Artist Easel Image: Piano Hands Image: Pencil Jar Image: