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  • 1. Mark BoatmanJournal Extracurricular ActivitiesExtra-curricular activities have always played an important role in my life. I believethere is a direct link between active participation in the community and living asuccessful life, both when in school and beyond.In high school I was involved in wrestling and natural helpers. The sport I favored mostwas wrestling because although it was a one-on-one sport where the effort I put indirectly related to a positive or negative result, the team goal was still of utmostimportance. I learned that individual effort and hard work strengthened the unity andachievement of the entire team. This is similar to what a teacher experiences, in thatwhen in a cooperative environment where teachers work in collaboration rather thancompetition, the educational goals of the entire school are more attainable, whichultimately fosters a better environment for student learningThroughout my college career at the University of Idaho I was involved in many differentextra-curricular activities, both related to school and the community. While attending Uof I, I became a member of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity and held various leadershippositions, where I was involved in strengthening the community, the fraternity, and thosearound me. Some of these positions included social chair, philanthropy chair, and VicePresident. As Vice President I worked as a liaison between my fraternity and otherfraternal organizations. As philanthropy chair one of my duties was encouraginginvolvement in our charity events as well as others across the University. One charityevent that our fraternity brought to the community was Relay for Life. Another extra-curricular activity that I was very enthusiastic about was the role of Recruitment Chair forthe Interfraternity Council at the University of Idaho. I served two years in that role, andmy responsibilities included managing freshmen fraternal recruitment for the Greeksystem. In this role I was able to take a leadership position among my peers. Animportant part of the IFC position was interacting with not only future and fellowstudents, but with University officials and parents. I learned quickly that I had to wearmany hats and work in conjunction with many different groups of people.As a new teacher, I will probably be called upon to participate in activities outside of thenormal school hours, such as a family-night, or school concert, or sporting event. Thesesorts of extra-curricular activities should not be thought of as a burden and outside ofteacher duties, but rather as an opportunity to interact with students, or parents, and showsupport for the school. It is important that teachers stay active in the community and bewiling to contribute his/her time, money, and efforts to the nearby community. Aneffective teacher is able to balance professional duties with active participation in thecommunity.