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2. Early Years Born in Salinas, California Spent summers working on ranches Went to Stanford University but left early before he could get his degree 3. First novel: Cup of Gold- 1929 brary/pages/links/steinb eck/tortilla%20flatsmall.j His novel Tortilla Flat won the California pgCommonwealth Clubs gold medal Wrote a series of California Novels whichbecame a big success and included: InDubious Battle, Of Mice and Men, and theGrapes of Wrath BeckertM/images/E70DE2DEA9FE4D0 D8D3D77A14254F5C2.jpg 4. With buddy Ed Ricketts, Steinbeck went on a voyage around the Gulf of California During the trip he collected biological specimens After, he published a book called The Log from the Sea of Cortez 5604/edrickettsinbeard.jpg 5. 1902: Born February 27 1919: Graduated from Salinas High School 1943: Divorced his wife of thirteen years, Carol Henning and married Gwen Conger 1948:Divorced Gwen and buddy Ed Ricketts died 1950: Married Elaine (Anderson) Scott 1960: Took a road trip around the U.S. with his dog Charley 1968: Died December 20 6. During World War ll, Steinbeck served as a warcorrespondent for the New York HeraldTribute During the war he worked on writing AlfredHitchcock's movie, Lifeboat After, he wrote The Pearl content/m-4266.jpg 033872.JPG 7. Won the Nobel Prize in literature for his realistic and imaginative writing He was awarded the Medal of Freedom by President Lyndon B. Johnson wspaper/prize.jpg 8. All together, Steinbeck wrote 30 books Twelve of his books become films Steinbeck was 66 years old when he died of either heart disease or of a heart attack _and_men_ver2.jpg posters.jpg 9. John Steinbeck.Wikipedia. 26 April 2009. John Steinbecks Biography.About John Steinbeck. 2 May 2009.