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2. What is meant by transition when talking about special education students?

  • A need for work related skills for obtaining employment
  • Providing hands-on work experiences while in high school as part of a students curriculum
  • Transition into the community for paid unsupported employment


  • JOBS and TEP Train and attend vocational classes at SSC

South Suburban College Bremen High School District Partnership 4.

  • Students defer their diploma to attend the JOBS Transition Program at South Suburban College.
  • Attend a vocational class.
  • Attend college classes at SSC.

5. Students begin job training at South Suburban College in various departments. 6. 7. JOBS volunteerism and community service Students are encouraged to perform community service and to volunteer their time to help themselves learn new job skills . 8. JOBS Students Attend College!

  • Students in the JOBS Enjoy the opportunities of attending college classes.
  • 9 out of 14 students attend SSC for college this year

9. JOBS Celebrated Student Successes!

  • We celebrate Student of the Month, Student Appreciation, and our annual Vocational Banquet.

10. JOBS annually invites Bremen HS District Students to tour the program facilities at SSC. 11. Student Growth is expected to continue in both the TEP and JOBS Transition Programs.