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  • 1. TEACHING MANUALSubmitted By,JASMIN JABBARSocial Science,Reg. No.: 13367009

2. LESSON TEMPLATEName of the teacherJasmin JabbarStd & DivIX CName of the SchoolNRPM HSS PullukulangaraStrength29SubjectSocial ScienceDuration45 minUnitDate30/06/2014TopicLearning outcomes :After learning this topic the students will be able to Recall related knowledge or information about Chinese civilization Discuss about Chinese civilization Interpret about Chinese civilization Organize different elements of Chinese civilization Apply this concept into new situation Create innovation suggestions on Chinese civilization 3. Content Analysis :-Term :Year:Place :Facts : BCConcept :-Previous knowledge :-Instructional aids :- 4. Reference :- Text book-1,hand bookClass room interaction procedureActual pupil responseIntroduction 5. Presentation 6. BCActivity- 1 7. Activity- 2 8. ConclusionReview 9. 4.Enrichment activity