Its' all about me!

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Assignment # 2


  • 1. Its all about me!

2. Facts
My full name is Tatiana Rosado aka Tat.
I was born in May and I am 25 years old.
I live in Quebradillas but I am a NewYorican.
I am a mother of two and expecting another!
3. This is what I look like:
4. Favorites
Italian food and soul food, mmmm.
The color purple.
State would have to me NYC.
5. This was a playground for me:
6. Loves
My two handsome and strong sons.
My sweetie pie!
Writing, dancing, and reading.
7. Dislikes
Chewing with the mouth wide open.
Country music and horror films.
Filth and smelly things.
8. Goals and Dreams
To be an excellent mother.
To be an excellent teacher.
God willing to be old and healthy enough to enjoy my great grandchildren.
To be the best person God made me to be.
9. Personality
Sweet, strong, and sassy!
Good listener, understanding, and non-judgmental.
Patient and hopeful!
10. Wishes
To go on another vacation soon!
To have an excellent, strong, & everlasting relationship with my best friend Wiru.
To travel the whole world.