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  • 1. Brendon HatcherTechnical Director: BrilliantWeb

2. Key messages The IT world is diverse find your own place The IT world is changing try to keep up Your IT education is your responsibility schools cantkeep up with the changes There are things you must do NOW in order to secureyour IT career If you dont understand something in thistalk, research it! 3. Information Technology is avery diverse fieldMy grandsonworks in computers 4. Huge changesare sweepingthrough theindustry 5. Traditional career paths IT support Hardware, software, users Networking Connecting everything together Programming Working as part of a team making big commercial software on behalf of a company 6. More recent career paths Web site development Building web sites for clients Web application development On the web, but not a web site Project Management Customer Relationship Management Document Libraries2010 7. Software as a Service Applications in the cloud (on the Internet) not desktop Usually accessed via a web browser Pay a subscription rather than a licence fee 8. Mobile app development Android, iPhone, Blackberry700,000 9. Programming possibilities Working together Online collaboration Standing on the shoulders of giants API makes things possible Tiny code, low price, huge sales volume Low barriers to entry API well documented Support for developers Ecosystem of users to market to 10. Explain collaboration 11. Explain API 12. New business models Donation ware Freeware Freemium models SaaS 13. Explain new markets 14. Paper Camera Android App Turns everything you see into a sketch or cartoon R16 to purchase 1 5 million downloads R2.6mill R12.9mill after costs 15. Joomla Content Editor Set of formatting tools for editing a page of text on aweb site $20 per year for as many web sites as you want to build Developer lives on income In the UK! 16. Cache cleaner 17. Get codingE.g. Mobile app development1. Learn an API, any API (Android is a good start if you know JAVA)2. Participate in an open source / collaborative project3. Create and manage an open source / collaborative project 18. DoodleKids Made by 9 year old boy 100 000 downloads (free app) My kids love it 100 reviews and comments 19. Gather resources Learn to engage with the developer and usercommunities online Code Support Understand your future clients Start identifying needs you can fill 20. Portfolio Internship Documented learning Demonstrable output 21. Focus Its not about technology, it is about the application oftechnology Identify use cases Who needs what? Why do they need it? What will they do with it? Can they already get it? If so, why dont they If not, can I make it? 22. Credits Brendon Hatcher is the compiler of this presentation The presentation is released under the CreativeCommons Licence Attribution, Non-commercial, Noderivatives If you dont know what this licence means, find outabout it at 23. IT & Marketing Option 1: Interface between IT & Marketing Understand both worlds Operate between them Scoping, project management, analysis and reporting Option 2: Make stuff happen Implement the technology behind social media interactions between companies and customers 24. Application specialists Application has enough users (online) to make a smallsupport business financially viable Staff know a particular application really, reallywell, and charge for: Scoping Installation / configuration User support Great Internet-based business 25. Technical sales A sales career driven by a passion for technology Some IT products cant be sold by people who dontunderstand them E.g. Customised solutions 26. Super, all-in- one, reallyhuge programmade by onecompanyAPI + core features +documentation + support