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  • 1. INSTRUCTIONAL SKILLS WORKSHOPPlease introduce yourself to the peoplearound youWhen was the last time you meaningfulfeedback that caused your teaching andstudent learning to improve?How many of you would like to be in a safeenvironment where you receive meaningfuland powerful feedback?

2. TestimonyPer sonal and Gr oupand National Briefhistor y Objective Introduce the concept of ISW and provide a working model for instructional feedback plus additions Participant goals 3. ISW OVERVIEW DAY ONEWorkshop Basics Lesson Development DAYS TWO, THREE, & FOUR Opening, Post personal goals, & click Formative feedback Cycles Theme session Issues assignments 4. 40:00 MinuteTYPICAL LESSON CYCLEPREPARATION 10 minutes Room set up Organize aids Special Instructions-requestsLESSON10 minutes Teach a mini-lesson of your choice-new lessons and topics are best, they help you to focus on process more.WRITTEN FEEDBACK7 minutes Use formalized formsVERBAL BACK 13 minutesFeedback discussion lead by facilitator 5. MINI-LESSON "BASICS" BRIDGE-IN Does the opening create interest ? LEARNING OBJECTIVE- Is it clear? IS IT REALISTIC PRE-TEST Do you know what they know? PARTICIPATORY LEARNING- How many ways doyou engage the student. POST TEST How doyou know what they learned? 6. WECOME TO B.O.P.P.P. BRIDGE IN OBJECTIVE PRE-TEST PARTICIPATORY LEARNING POST TEST 7. EFFECTIVE FEEDBACK2. Be DescriptiveI saw I heard I felt2. Be Specific The print on the power point was difficult for me to read.3 Focus on behaviorYou faced to the left side of the room the whole time4 Directed for improvementIt would be helpful for me if there was more dialogue5 Caring intent/manner 8. REMEMBER DESCRIPTIVE SPECIFIC BEHAVIOR FOCUSED ON IMPROVEMENT WITH CARING INTENT 9. BRIDGE-IN How do you interest your studentsin the topic you are going to teach? How do you create meaning/ connectyour students from where they are toyour lesson? 10. OBJECTIVE OBJECTIVEAre you clear about what you want to achieve?Can you express it simply? 11. PRE-TESTCHECK FOR CURRENT 12. PATICIPATORYHOW ARE YOU GOINGTO GET YOURSTUDENTS INVOLVEDIN THE LESSONCONTENT? 13. POST TEST WHAT DID THEY LEARN? 14. BE SPECIFIC THE MORE SPECIFIC YOU ARE THE MOREHELPFUL YOU ARE.FOCUS ON THE TARGET 15. FOCUS ON BEHAVIOR WHAT ARE THEY DOING? 16. FOCUS ON IMPROVEMENTWHAT WOULD MAKE THIS LESSONBETTER FOR YOU? 17. CARING INTENTWE ONLY WANT WHATS BESTFOR EACH OTHER! 18. BE DESCRIPTIVE WHAT DID YOU SEE? WHAT DID YOU HEAR? WHAT DID YOU FEEL?