Islamic Hygiene Jurisprudence

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Islamic Hygiene Jurisprudence is the ethical value system in Islam for cleanliness. in this presentation both the heads of cleanliness are discussed. That are:Spiritual PurityCivic Sense


  • 1.Islamic Hygienical Jurisprudence
    Communication & Skills

2. Group Presentation
3. Members:
2010 CH 61Zaid Masood
2010 CH 85Hafiz Qamar
2010 CH 93Saad Ahmed
4. 5. Translation
O you who covers himself [with a garment] (1)
Arise and warn(2)
And your Lord glorify(3)
And your clothing purify(4)
And uncleanliness avoid(5)
And do not confer favor to acquire more(6)
But for your Lord be patient(7)
6. Islamic Hygiene Jurisprudence
Islamic legal system of cleanliness
Spiritual Purity
Civic Sense or Cleanliness
7. "When someone commits a sin, a black dot is marked on his heart. When he abandons it and seeks forgiveness and repents, his heart is cleaned (and spotless), but if he persists and returns (to the sin), then the dots are added till blackness covers his heart as Allah has said: "By no means! but on their hearts is the stain of the (ill) which they do!
(83; 14)
8. What is Polytheism
9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. Did not you see the person who has made his passionate desires as his Lord instead of Almighty Allah
15. be wary
do not relax your guard
Step out of your own self (nafs)
Practice detachment from your possessiveness
shutting out those He instructs you to turn away
16. Surrender everything to Allah Almighty
17. Modesty
modesty refers toman's natural feeling of shame when leaning towards committing something unlawful.
18. Every religion has its characteristic, and the characteristic of Islam is modesty.
19. 20.

  • Modesty 1400 years ago

21. What are modest people Like? 22. What modesty implies? 23. Modesty in sight of scholars. 24. Modesty -- a part of faith 25. Modesty --- spiritual purity