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This PowerPoint Presentation details the built-in accessibility features of the iPad 2 (i.e, hearing features, vision features, and physical and motor skills features).

Text of iPad 2 accessibility

  • 1. Lisamarie Collaco
    Saint Louis University
    Fall 2011
    Apple iPad 2 accessibility tools

2. The iPad2 is produced by Apple Inc.
It is a tablet computer.
The iPad 2 started to be sold in the United States on March, 25th, 2011.
iPad 2 Facts
People waiting in line for an iPad 2 on March 24th
Picture from
3. Primary purposes: a platform for audio-visual media including books, periodicals, movies, music, games and web content.
Time: 2nd generation of the iPad
Costs: $499- $829 depending on amount of GBs and type of internet connectivity
Software: iOS 4.3.3
Hardware: A5 Processor
Multi-touch Screen: Applications are accessed by a users fingers
Dimensions: in
Internet Connectivity: Wi-Fi or WiFi& 3G
Cameras: Front & Rear that are capable of taking pictures and video
Weight: 1.33 lbs- 1.35 lbs
Product Description
4. On Apples website: http://www.apple.com/accessibility/ , the company illustrates how the devices design is accessible for
those who are blind or are visually impaired,
those who are deaf or are hard of hearing,
and those who have impaired physical or motor skills.
iPad 2 Accessibility
Picture from: http://www.apple.com/accessibility/
5. Vision Key Features
Voice Over:The iPad2 allows the user the ability to touch the screen and hear an items description Adjustable speaking rate: The iPad2 allows the user the ability to adjust how slowly or quickly the user wants text or descriptions read to them. Wireless Braille Displays: The iPad2 has built-in support for refreshable braille displays.

  • Zoom: The iPad2 has the ability to magnify the screen of any application to see what is on the display.

7. White on Black: The iPad 2 has the ability to change the displays contrast. 8. Speak Auto-Text: The iPad2 has the ability to speak predicted words as the user types. 9. Tactile Buttons:The iPad 2 has few buttons that are easy to find and detect. 10. Headset Compatibility: The iPad2 works with a variety of headsets depending on the users preference. 11. Audible Alerts: The iPad 2 notifies the user when calendar events are going to occur and when mail has been sent. 12. Accessible User guide: The user guide is available in an audio format.Key Vision Features
13. In pictures
Vision Features
Pictures from: http://www.apple.com/accessibility/
14. A Video of the Vision Features in Action
15. Pros:
The user can increase the fonts and size of icons.
The user can have information from the calendar, emails, or iBooks read to them. The user will know where icons are located.
Depending on the users auditory processing speed, they can adjust the speaking rate.
The user can insert speakers or headphones of their choice.
The audio user guide allows an individual to troubleshoot independently.
The user can change the contrast and brightness depending on their vision needs.
Unlike a traditional computer, there are few buttons to press. The iPad2 provides an audio notification that a button has been pressed hard enough.
The user cannot turn on VoiceOver and Zoom at the same time.
While Speak Auto-Text is an option, using the keyboard would be very difficult for an individual with a visual impairment.
There is no speech-to-text option for accessibility.
While the applications with the iPad 2 use VoiceOver and Zoom,VoiceOver and Zoom do not work with many third party applications.
The user has to go through several steps to find accessibility features.
Pros and Cons of the vision Features
16. Target Individuals for Vision Features
Individuals with visual impairments: The Zoom Feature allows items to become twice the size.The VoiceOver can speak text that might be difficult to see.The text can also be increased in font size to aid with seeing it. Audible alerts allow the user to know an action has been completed by the iPad.Individuals with Learning Disabilities or individuals who have challenges with reading: The VoiceOver can read the text to them. Individuals who are learning English: The VoiceOver can read text to them. Individuals who need to multi-task: The VoiceOver feature will allow a user to listen to a book on the iPad and type notes on his or her computer about what s/he is reading.
17. Hearing Features

  • Closed Captioning:The iPad2 supports the playback of open captions, closed captions, and subtitling.

18. Headphone Jack:A user can plug in earphones, earbuds, noise-canceling headphones, and amplified speaker systems of their choice. 19. Mono Audio: The iPad2 can route both right- and left-channel audio source material into both earbuds. 20. Visual Alerts: iPad2 can deliver visual alerts in addition to audio alerts.