Inventions and discoveries

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  • 1. An invention is a new, useful process, machine, improvement, etc., that didn't exist previously. Its created by a man or woman, to improve lifestyle.

2. A discovery is something that already existed but anyone knew and someone found it. But an invention didnt exist previously and it has to be processed before marketing. 3. Printing (1440, Johann Gutenberg) WC (1589, John Harrington) Thermometer (1592, Galileo Galilei) Microscope (1590, Hans and Zacharias Janssen) Steam engine (1777, James Watt) 4. Penicillin (1920s-1930s) Alexander Fleming The X-ray (1895) Wilhelm Roentgen The cell nucleus (1831) Robert Brownt The Earth Moves (1543) Nicolaus Copernicus Universal Gravitation (1666) Isaac Newton