Introduction to Wordpress ePortfolios

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In this interactive session, Michael Paskevicius guides participants getting started with WordPress. This session is designed to get participants started on designing and creating ePortfolios.

Text of Introduction to Wordpress ePortfolios

  • 1.Professional Practice ePortfolios Prepared by: Michael Paskevicius Learning Technologies Application Developer Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning Vancouver Island University

2. Agenda Quick review of ePortfolios Planning to build A look at possible ePortfolio software Begin building! 3. ePortfolios defined A selective set of online, reflective, integrative, and personal documents that present how you have developed as a scholar-teacher in your discipline Offers evidence of your accomplishments and activities across all aspects of your academic life (research, teaching, and service) and outlines your growth Extends your CV and provides future employers with a comprehensive portrait of your academic training, achievements, and future career goals A living document that needs to be modified over time Bauer, G. (2011) Elements of A Professional Academic E-Portfolio. Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Delaware. Available online: 4. Moving from file cabinet portfolio to showcase portfolio 5. What types of documents/resources have you identified to share on your ePortfolio? Papers and writing samples of various types-descriptive, persuasive, etc. Professional goals statement Internship and work experience Video and audio clips Spreadsheet and database projects Group projects Research projects and researchrelated writing Photographs, images, artwork Community service work Public speaking examples Leadership experience, qualities, and examples Academic awards and honors Reflective essays Examples of problem solving Memberships in professional organizations Journal/blog entries Examples of technology-related skills Graphics of information-charts, time lines, concept diagrams Language skills 6. Artefacts and Reflections An eportfolio is more than just gathering artifacts together Eportfolio development should be a process of generating new or deeper learning by reflecting on ones existing learning and experiences Both a product (a digital collection of artifacts) and a process (of reflecting on those artifacts and what they represent) (2001). ePortfolios: What, Why, and How | Centre for Teaching Excellence. [online] Retrieved from: [Accessed: 7 Feb 2014]. 7. ePortfolio structureTeaching, Research, Service, Other 8. Ready to start building? 9. Potential ePortfolio software platforms 10. 19 percent of websites on the internet are powered by Wordpress Based on open-source technologies (PHP and MYSQL) Active and vibrant developer community Plugin and theme marketplace Highly flexible and adaptable tool for creating websites 11. Why use the VIU Wordpress network for your eportfolio? Hosted on campus Compliant with FIPPA Capitan login Under the domain Secure and backed up regularly by ITWhy not use the VIU Wordpress network for your eportfolio? You require a special URL You want to administer plugins and themes Options:,, or your own server 12. The VIU Wordpress network can define the portion of the URL which follows 13. Blogs and ePortfolios available for both faculty and students 14. Title and tagline of the siteSite pagesSidebarRecent posts 15. Site pagesStatic text for current students 16. Site pagesNo sidebar in use 17. Web viewAuthor view (logged in) 18. a new site 19. with your Capitan account 20. The site name becomes part of your URL and must be lowercase with no spaces.Allow discoverability in Google and visibility optionsThe site title is displayed by default at the top of your blog and may contain spaces. 21. Click here to go to your new website 22. Access your site dashboardCreate a new page 23. Wordpress Dashboard Create a new post/pageCreate or view postsSummary of blog activity Create or view pagesChange appearanceRecent comments 24. Page versus Post Pages are static and are not listed by date. Pages are often listed at the top of the blog in a menu.Pages do not use categories and tags but can be organized in a hierarchy. Posts are entries listed in reverse chronological order on the blog home page by default.Post are automatically organized by date but can be furthermore assigned to categories and tags. 25. Start building pages for your eportfolio 26. Set the home view to a static page Access you site Dashboard then Settings Reading Front page displays 27. Themes 28. Use images to bring your posts to lifeWork found at / CC BY-SA 3.0 ( 29. Make sure Creative Commons is selected 30. ePortfolio documentation on wiki 31. Wordpress documentation on wiki 32. References Bauer, G. (2011) Elements of A Professional Academic E-Portfolio. Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Delaware. Available online: (2001). ePortfolios: What, Why, and How | Centre for Teaching Excellence. [online] Retrieved from: [Accessed: 7 Feb 2014]. USDOE. (2011). Artifacts: Collect, Select, and Connect - Eportfolio Resource Center. [online] Retrieved from: [Accessed: 7 Feb 2014].Icons: The Noun Project, available under Creative Commons or Public Domain licenses,