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Sussex Plus slides from Leadship training day on Saturday, 25 February.

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  • 1. 1. Welcome to the Leadership Workshop2. Introducing Sussex Plus and how this adds value to yourskill development.Linda Buckham, Director, Careers and Employability Centre, Falmer House

2. What is Sussex Plus?A CV-based Webfolio: helps you record, reflect upon and identify skills gaps and take onnew activities helps you to identify and showcase your skills and abilities toemployers in the 21st century way get critical feedback from Careers Advisers and ultimately aUniversity Sussex Plus certificate! 3. AcademicOffer-------------- PortfolioExpectation EvidenceWork Personal 4. How do I get to Sussex Plus?Go to using your ITS name and password 5. Login page 6. SussexPlus Help Careers and Employability Centre looking for the bestSussex Plus Webfolios of 2011/2012 Prizes!Deadline: 31st March 2012 7. SussexPlus Help Your next steps to develop your Webfolio: see the website: come into the Careers & Employability Centre, in the Library,and talk to us book a one-to-one with a Careers Adviser by calling 01273678429 or booking at reception e-mail us at Sussex Plus: