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  • 1. An Introduction to Tech Tools for Teachers
    Jayme Linton
    July 17, 2010
    Teaching Fellows Senior Conference

2. Session Outcomes
Identify a variety of technology tools teachers and students may have access to (hardware, software, open source resources)
Explore practical and innovative ideas for using these tools
Discover instructional strategies for maximizing student learning through technology
3. Beware
Its not about the technology. Its about learning.
-Clif Mims
Technology is not a replacement for good
teaching. Technology can enhance good
teaching. Effective teachers use technology
seamlessly in their classrooms and know
when to use it and when not to. Teachers must focus on how to use technology to achieve the highest impact on student learning. When good teaching meets technology, anything is possible.
4. Interactive Whiteboard
Best Practices:
Sit where your students sit
Get students attention with spotlight, reveal, highlighter, and other tools
Let students interact with the board
Import static files to make them interactive
Insert videos, images, and links to websites
Record lessons and post online
Absent students, parents, and class reviews later
Tap into existing resources and share your own
5. Interactive Whiteboard
Classroom Ideas:
Take a picture of student writing with document camera and edit on IWB.
Work out math problem, explaining step-by-step. Record and play back as students practice.
Interactive word wall link to definitions, images, synonyms, antonyms, examples, nonexamples, etc.
Capture a website or online document and mark it up with text tools.
Go paperless. Instead of making copies, import files, project, and use IWB.
Use virtual manipulatives to solve math problems.
Interact with primary sources.
Organize information with graphic organizers. (click here for interactive graphic organizers)
6. Interactive Whiteboard Software & Free Teacher Resources
Mimio Notebook and
SMART Notebook and
Promethean ActivInspire
7. Interactive Tablet
Examples: Mimio Pad, SMART Airliner, Promethean ActivSlate
Classroom Ideas:
See IWB classroom ideas
Collaborative group work (one computer can support several tablets)
Support a student whos working at IWB
Allow students to help you as you work at IWB
Move around classroom instead of being tied to the board
8. Document Camera
Classroom Ideas:
Use with IWB to mark up text
Use with IWB to make worksheets interactive
Display math manipulatives, objects for science experiments, etc. so every student can see
Take pictures of marked-up text, worksheets, manipulatives, and other objects and save the picture files for later review
Interactive read aloud / shared reading
Revise and edit student writing
9. Student Response Systems(Clickers)
Examples: SMART Response, ActiVote, ActivExpression, Optivotes
Easy-to-use software for creating question sets
Find questions sets and lessons online
Sample language arts lesson
Sample math lesson
10. Student Response Systems(Clickers)
Best Practices:

  • Pre-assessment to determine what students know and use results to inform your instruction

11. Post-assessment to find out what students learned 12. Check for understanding in the middle of a lesson or series of lessons 13. Spiral, mixed review of content 14. Get feedback on student processing, collaborative group work, instructional strategies, etc. 15. Prepare a lesson and question set or use impromptu for immediate feedback