Internal capsule

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<ul><li> 1. INTERNAL CAPSULE<br />AMUTHAMEENA MANOHARAN<br />THIAGGU PALAN<br />JAYAGANTHAN MANAUGAR<br />MOHD ZAHIR<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. HIGHLIGHTS<br />INTRODUCTION<br />PARTS OF INTERNAL CAPSULE<br />BLOOD SUPPLY<br /> 3. White Matter of Cerebral hemisphere<br />Association tracts (fibers)- different regions in cerebral cortex<br />Projection tracts (fibers)- cerebral cortex other masses of gray matter<br />Commissures fibers- RL<br /> 4. This is a compact bundle of fibres through which the large collections of fibres pass<br /> 5. Parts of internal capsule<br />ANTERIOR LIMB<br />- Caudate nu. &amp; lentiform nu.<br />GENU<br />POSTERIOR LIMB<br />- Thalamus &amp; lentiform nu.<br />RETROLENTIFORM<br />SUBLENTIFORM<br /> 6. COMPONENTS<br />ANTERIOR LIMB<br />Anterior thalamic radiation <br />Frontopontine<br />GENU<br />Part of superior thalamic radiation<br />Frontopontine<br />Corticonuclear<br />POSTERIOR LIMB<br />Superior thalamic radiation<br />Frontopontine<br />Corticonuclear (corticobulbar)<br />Corticospinal<br />Extrapyrimidal<br />RETROLENTIFORM<br />Post thalamic radiation - Optic radiation<br />Parieto-pontine<br />Temporo-pontine<br />SUBLENTIFORM<br />Inf thalamic radiation - Auditory radiation<br /> 7. Connections:<br />ANTERIOR LIMB<br />Anterior thalamic radiation <br />Frontopontine<br />GENU<br />Part of superior thalamic radiation<br />Frontopontine<br />Corticonuclear<br /></p> <ul><li>RETROLENTIFORM </li></ul> <p> 8. Optic radiation 9. Parieto-pontine 10. Temporo-pontine 11. SUBLENTIFORM 12. Auditory radiationPOSTERIOR LIMB<br />Superior thalamic radiation<br />Frontopontine<br />Corticonuclear (corticobulbar)<br />Corticospinal<br />Extrapyrimidal<br />Thalamocorticalfibres<br />Corticopontinefibres<br />Corticonuclear &amp;<br />corticospinalfibres<br /> 13. Blood Supply<br /> 14. Lateral striate fr middle cerebral artery<br />Ant limb<br />Genu<br />Post limb<br />Basal ganglia<br />Medial striate fr anterior cerebral artery<br />Ant limb<br />Genu<br />Basal ganglia<br />Ant choroidalfr internal carotid<br />Post limb<br />Retrolenticular part<br /> 15. Anterior cerebral A<br />Internal carotid A<br />Middle cerebral A<br />Anterior choroidal A<br /> 16. CORONAL SECTION<br />Lenticulostriate arteries<br />Internal capsule<br />Anterior cerebral artery<br />Medialstriate arteries<br />Middle cerebral artery<br />Internal carotid artery<br /> 17. CORONAL SECTION<br />Lateral<br />striate<br />- MCA<br />Medial<br />striate<br />ACA<br />Left <br />middle <br />cerebral <br />artery<br />Right<br />middle <br />cerebral <br />artery<br /> 18. Medial striate - ACA<br />Anterior cerebral A<br />Middle cerebral A<br />*<br />Anterior choroidal A<br /> 19. reference<br />Dr. Israa lecture note<br />Clinical neuroanatomysnell<br />Human neuroanatomyinderbirsingh<br /></p>