Instant Replay: Delivering Instruction Using Videos

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How we created a video tutorials program at THL; where we use our videos. Presented at MLA 2012

Text of Instant Replay: Delivering Instruction Using Videos

  • 1.INSTANT REPLAY:DELIVERING INSTRUCTION USINGVIDEOSCarol Shannon, Nadia Lalla, Anne PerorazioTaubman Health Sciences Library, University of MichiganMedical Library Association Annual Meeting22 May 2012

2. Program beginnings Mandate to: Find existing resources on campus forwebinars Find other tools & resources onlinetutorials Prior video experience: Second Life and Public Health 3. Survey of campus resources Facilities & peopleSurvey of other resources Google! 4. We discovered resources Screencasting programs (various) Videos good & bad Equipment Spaces People 5. We started here Screencasting programs Jing to answer simple reference questions Camtasia for more finished projects Equipment Samson C01U Podcasting pak & pop filter Headset with microphone Training @ School of Public Health 6. Samson C01U Podcasting pak 7. Current audio equipment: microphone, shock stand, pop filter, sound box 8. Jing videos 5 minute limit, cant be edited Liaisons use to answer questions Videos created by School of Information students to answer reference questions How to find an Authors h-index 9. Camtasia videos Use for more polished videos Edit audio & video Longer video Better audio Smaller file size Easier to use My NCBI, pt. 1 10. Weve learned a lot about Planning: Know your purpose and audience Length Materials (screencast, slides) Script Staff: Permanent vs. students Storage/distribution: YouTube Video Content Management system 11. STATISTICS 12. HOW DO WE USE OURVIDEOS? In LibGuides for instruction & review for oncampus & e-learning classes In place of workshops 13. DISCOVERY TOOLSAnyone, (almost) anywhere can find these videos 14. VIDEOS IN THECURRICULUM OR ASWORKSHOP SUBSTITUTES 15. NEXT STEPS M1 class recreated as videos, plusexercises Increase number of videos in M1 & M2Longitudinal Case segment Increased presence via video in alldistance learning programs 16. CONTACT US!