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  • 1. Merlin Inspire & CreateFeb 2012Wendy Hanrahan
  • 2. Agenda Introductions & Objectives for the meetings Context Setting National Policy Current stage of implementation and next steps Showcase whats working well Quick wins - Huge impact, little technical expertise required Throughout the afternoon there will be opportunities for discussion, sharing practice & ideas between Merlin Champions
  • 3. Objectives for the meetings Understanding of where Merlin fits with current Government thinking and the New Ofsted Framework Sharing good practice Develop your expertise/ ideas for how Merlin can support your School Priorities Consider ways in which you could use the tools and develop your confidence and expertise.
  • 4. Michael Gove BETT Speech
  • 5. Summary of Key themes Government must not wade in andprescribe exactly what schools should bedoing but supporting, facilitating andencouraging change rather than dictatingor constricting it Gove BETT 2012
  • 6. Summary of Key themes Focussed on how Technology can help us learn, teach and assess pupil progress Government doesnt want to focus on procurement but invest in training Engagement with computer science and technology will be compulsory at all Key Stages but no longer have to use the POS. NC is specified in law but can be interpreted more flexibly using technical platforms to their full advantage in creating something richer than ever before.
  • 7. There will be an ever increasingdemand for high level of digitalliteracy and a greater depth oftechnological and Scientificunderstanding.On going discussion is needed toconsider how we can use technologybetter to transform our schools. Gove BETT 2012
  • 8. New Ofsted Framework
  • 9. Technology Robust tracking and data analysis Improved communication with stakeholders Support parent partnership and engagement Opportunities for extended interactive learning opportunities Supports a range of intervention strategies, reinforcement opportunities, differentiation and personalisation
  • 10. What has been revised? Sharper focus on judgements that matter the most More time in classrooms Continued drive to improve standards particularly in reading More emphasis on views of the parents pupils and staff Greater emphasis on progress of vulnerable groups including G & T