INSIGNIA Open Badges Design Workshop

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Slides for my Open Badges Design Workshop held on 21 March 2014. Organized by the INSIGNIA project at Australian National University, led by Dr Inger Mewburn.


<ul><li>1.OPEN BADGES DESIGN WORKSHOP ANU 21 MARCH 2014 INSIGNIA PROJECT JOYCE SEITZINGER </li></ul> <p>2. Joyce Seitzinger @catspyjamasnz #insignia project Led by Dr Inger Mewburn 3. WORKSHOP Introductions Badge Design Activity (1 hr) Visual Badge Design (30 mins) Options: Brainstorm Badge System Design INSIGNIA (30 mins) Explore Tech Solutions for INSIGNIA (30 mins) 4. LINK TO DIGITAL HANDOUT 5. INTRODUCTIONS 6. INTRODUCTION ACTIVITY Create a small name badge using the post-it and stick it in front of you on the table Around the room, please share Your name, institution and role Interest in badges Current badge project? What informal learning or skill would you have loved to have gotten a badge for? Joyce 7. OPEN BADGES RECAP 8. BADGE DEFINITION Digital credential that represents skills, interests and achievements earned by an individual through specific projects, programmes, courses or other activities. (Mozilla, 2013) 9. WHO IS USING DIGITAL BADGES? Khan Academy LinkedIn Deloitte Gamification Do not talk to each other. Not transferable 10. CODEACADEMY 11. MOZILLAS OPEN BADGES Learning today happens everywhere. But it's often difficult to get recognition for skills and achievements that happen online or out of school. Mozilla Open Badges helps solve that problem, making it easy for any organisation to issue, manage and display digital badges across the web. 12. EARNER, ISSUER, DISPLAYER, AUDIENCE 13. Image: Mozilla Foundation 14. BADGE DESIGN Activity 15. TABLE ACTIVITY 1: BASICS At your table, pick a skill or achievement you want to design a badge for. Fill out the left hand portion of the template incl, badge name, skills &amp; knowledge, behaviour, criteria and evidence. One person to pitch your badge in 30 sec. 10 mins 16. TABLE ACTIVITY 2: PEOPLE Fill out the right hand portion of the template starting with users. Then move on to endorsers, channels and awarded. 10 mins 17. TABLE ACTIVITY 3: VALUE PROPOSITION Fill out the value proposition for each user group for your badge This is all about motivation for participation in the learning process 10 mins 18. TABLE ACTIVITY 4: YOUR CONTEXT Fill out the learning pathways and resources for your badge Under resources, consider also which backpack your users might use 10 mins 19. VISUAL DESIGN Activity 20. GROUP ACTIVITY Lets analyze the visual cues of badges What are other cues you could use? What are issues for creating visuals in your context? What are opportunities? 21. CODEACADEMY 22. DIGITAL ME / MAKEWAV.ES 23. OLDS MOOC 24. TABLE ACTIVITY Using the templates provided, create 3 visual designs for 3 related badges Pitch your design 25. BADGE SYSTEM DESIGN FOR INSIGNIA Activity 26. @THESISWHISPERERS INSIGNIA PROJECT 27. BADGE SYSTEM DESIGN 28. DESIGNING BADGE SYSTEMS 29. LEAN STARTUP CYCLE FOR BADGE SYSTEMS IDEAS BADGESDATA BUILD MEASU RE LEARN Build faster Incremental deployment Just-in-time scalability Developer sandbox Usability tests Measure faster Have a clear badge owner Optimise your badge marketing Real time alerts on badge issue Usability tests Learn faster Do user interviews Work on user development User surveys 30. GROUP ACTIVITY Lets brainstorm a badge system for the INSIGNIA project In an evolving system, what are options for feedback loops from earners? From audience? 31. TECH SOLUTIONS FOR INSIGNIA Activity 32. @THESISWHISPERERS INSIGNIA PROJECT 33. Joyce Seitzinger @catspyjamasnz Get your badge! </p>