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INDONESIAS TOURISMCreated byHerlambang AbytamaIjtahidah Dwi IndriyaniIntan NShafira LindaSyifa

What is Tourism?

According to Macintosh and Goeldner (1986) tourism is "the sum of the phenomena and relationships arising from the interaction of tourists, business suppliers, host governments and host communities in the process of attracting and hosting these tourists and other visitors."

Our OPINION Our tourism has to be more developed because of several reasons.

Indonesias Tourism HistoryThe ancient Java EraColonization EraPost-Independent Day EraNew Order EraNow(2015)Indonesias tourism evolving significantly

Borobudur ReliefVereeneging Toesristen Verker (VTV)Keppres No. 30 (1969)National Tourism AdvisoryOFFICIAL TOURIST BUREAU

HONET: Hotel and Tourism

Wonderful Indonesia

Beautiful Places in Indonesia

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat Islands is an archipelago located in the western province of Papua New Guinea in the West, precisely at the head of birds of Papua.This archipelago is a divers destination-divers who are interested in the beauty of underwater scenery.

Derawan Island,East Kalimantan

In the surrounding waters have marine park and is renowned as a tourist submarine (diving) with a depth of about five meters.On a rock at a depth of ten meters, there is now known as Trigger Blue Wall

Tureloto Beach, Nias, North Sumatra

The most unique beach Tureloto this is a moment we will easily swim floating like dead sea phenomenon that exists in the country of Jordan. Because the salt content is high enough to make the human body is lighter when in the water. So who could not swim, no need to worry for the sinking. Natural beauty under the sea in this beach is also very beautiful, rich in sea life and coral reefs are still well preserved.

Red Island Beach, Banyuwangi

Red Island beach is similar of Kuta Beach in Bali but more waves on the beach (to as high as two meters long and 300 meters) where it allows surfers do maneuvers with the techniques of tubes.

Waves on the coast of the island of Red certainly could become a destination of surfers beginners, amateurs and professionals because it has ketingian an average of two meters.

Society response and service for domestic tourists and foreign tourists

The citizens are not so friendly and welcome because in some places the tourists are damaging the environment.

They are not able to communicate properly because of language barrier.

Comparation Between Indonesia Tourism And Neighboring Countries

NoIndicator1The Area1.990.250 km329,750 km710,2 km2Tourist Visit in 20138,8 Milion Tourist25 Milion Tourist13 Milion Tourist3Rank of tourism World, 70 From 140Asia, 12 From 25 World, 38 From 140Asia, 8 From 25 World, 10 From 140Asia, 1 From 25

4Plus point Multi CultureVirgin NatureCheap Living ExpenseAdvanced infrastructureGood securityFriendly environment CultureCheap cost Well maintain infrastructureAdvance of securityWell being enviroment5Minus pointLack of Infrastucture Lack of security Bad environment 1. Nature Nature Expensive living costCultural 6The department of tourismWonderful IndonesiaVisit MalaysiaYour Singapore7The landmarkBorobudur TampleTwin Tower Marlion

The Landmarks

Tourism Logos


Visit Indonesia Yearwas aNew OrderIndonesia inaugurated series of years of promoting Indonesiato the world tourism industry and considered as part of theVisit Indonesia Decade.

It is own by Indonesian Tourism Ministry.



The destinations lies across the area from Sumatera to Papua.

It provides some varities of vacation including : Diving, Snorkeling, surfing, Mountain climbing, trekking, golf, historical visit and many more.

Indonesia travel is the gateway where we can see the spellbinding wonders that lie within the archipelago

In conclusion..Indonesias tourism has to be more developed and publicize to people because Indonesia has lots of potential to be the best tourism country, and all of society also have to support the idea by making friendly environment.