Improving communication skill

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Improving Communication Skill

Improving Communication Skill-By Shri. Khodave Dnyaneshwar KumarM.A. (English), M.Ed., SET (English & Education)Shardabai Pawar College of Education for Women,Shardanagar, Baramati, Dist - Pune

Imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium.Means of sending or receiving information, such as telephone lines or computers.Means of travelling or of transporting goods, such as roads or railways.

Communication - Meaning

It is a Two-way process of reaching mutual understanding, in which participants not only exchange (encode-decode) information, news, ideas and feelings but also create and share meaning. In general, communication is a means of connecting people

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Communication - Definition

Communication Goals

Communication is the process of sending and receiving information among people




MediumEncodeDecodeWhat is Communication

SpeakingVisual ImagesWritingBody LanguageMost common ways to communicate

We need to improve communication... as70 % of our communication efforts are:misunderstood misinterpreted rejected distorted or not heard


Listening and Speaking are used a lot

But not taught enough

Amount taught

Distortions in Communication

In order to have good communication:Listen to UnderstandUnderstand before speakingSpeak to be understoodSeek understanding before proceedingRepeatA Good Algorithm

Why is communication importantInspires confidenceBuilds respect in profession and social lifeHelps make friendsDevelops a distinct personalityReveals your ability to others

Essentials of good communication KnowledgeSpontaneity in conversationLevel of conversationOrganising your thoughtsParticipating in discussionsBody LanguageShow v TellBeing a good listenerListening v hearing

Adding colour to communicationImages Describe, reliveShow, dont tellUse audiences senses SightSoundTouchTasteSmell

Improving communicationDont use jargonsBrevitySincerityDont praise yourselfAvoid argumentBe tactfulSilenceEnunciationClear, loud, syllables. Flexibility of tone

Ways to gain effective conversationGood use of English avoid errorsImproved vocabulary overlook v overseeAvoid old phrasesUse humourAdd interesting storyImprove clarity of voice practice

The 5-PsPriorPreparation PreventsPoor Performance

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