Implementation of the World Soil Day and its celebration in 2015

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  • Isabelle Verbeke

  • World Soil Day at FAO HQ The Rome event: "Soils, a foundation for family

    farming" and launch of the IYS. Key speakers from various sectors: governments,

    academia, international organizations and the private sector.

    More than 200 participants The general consensus

    highlighted that all stakeholders stand united and will work together to make this International Year a success.

  • World Soil Day in New York

    Eminent dignitaries gathered at the UN headquarters in New York City to celebrate the first UN World Soil Day.

    Co-organized by FAO, the permanent Missions of Qatar and Thailand.

    Special message from the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon (prepared by GSP Secretariat).

  • World Soil Day in Thailand The Royal Thai Government celebrated for three days WSD in Bangkok Organized by the Land Development Department of the Ministry of

    Agriculture and Cooperatives of Thailand

  • World Soil Day Celebrations worldwide

    80 countries registered their events via a tracking tool (GSP website)

    World Soil Day campaign material widely used Diverse groups including kindergarten and

    elementary school students, university graduates, museums, and soil institutes organized WSD events in their home countries.

    Compilation of the first World Soil Day photo gallery (more than 150 photos directly sent by organizers of WSD events).

  • Campaign material

    Campaign material was distributed and sent for main celebrations worldwide.

    High definition files of diverse high quality communication material were made available for download.

    Languages included English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Hungarian, Russian.

  • Campaign material

    Megaposter (official WSD poster in 6 languages in various formats)

    WSD Logo (available in several languages) Megabanner (160*40 cm) T-Shirt Infographic Posters and Cards (6 posters/cards in various

    formats and more than 6 languages) Video Web banners & buttons

  • Infographics

  • Others

  • World Soil Day in pictures worldwide

  • Press coverage

    More than 40 articles in specialized and non specialized press for WSD2014

    Bbc News, National Geographic, YARA, Farming first, Yahoo news, IFDC, the Guardian, Daily times, CNN, Huffington Post

  • Web traffic (1)

    Comparaison WSD 2013 vs WSD 2014

  • Web traffic (2)

  • WSD2015

    New dedicated website :

    Outside GSP website, but prepared and managed by the GSP Background FAQs Campaign material Worldwide events

  • WSD2015

    On 4th December, combined with the IYS Closure event.

    Launch of the SWSR

    High level event

    Theme: Soils, a solid ground for life

  • WSD2016

    Theme: Soils and pulses: symbiosis of life

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