I’m Living The Life Nell Gray R.

Im Living The Life

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I’m Living The Life

Nell Gray R.

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My Birthday…October first was the day I was born, and the day you were born can tell a lot about you.

- Today I just figured out that I am 4, 219 days old. And if I want to sound older I can say I am 101,256 hours old- As a baby, I was born under a New Moon- Oh, and those prices during 1997 were definitely LOW! Bread = $0.87 (a loaf), gas = $1.29 (a gallon), car = $19,260, house = $176,200 (average), oh and milk also cost $.67 (a gallon)!! - Now during 1997 the popularity bar was high! The best song = I Believe I Can Fly By: R. Kelly, top TV show was Friends, oh and the top movie was Titanic (I love that movie)!!- The headline on my birthday was “Carolina Hurricanes vs. Tampa Bay Lightning” - Oh and you can’t forget my name, Nell Gray. And did you know that my name actually means a medieval diminutive ( whatever that is)!!

And that is known as My Birthday

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You see right now I'm what you would call "un normal."  But on the Friday afternoon that I was turning two, I was what you would call a handful, unordinary, crazy beyond crazy, but also very hungry. And if you put both of those subjects together, ooo ooo ooo, you are in trouble. But let's back up a bit, all the way back to the of my birthday day. And before the oddness started.So my exciting birthday was around noon that Friday. I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure that nothing really happened before the party. Except all my family and friends arriving, and putting on my cute bight blue perky big girl dress on! And as the party started everything was normal. Until...The Cake. The cake came out! You see when I was little I would go crazy for cake, CRAZY. And this was definitely a crazy moment. Five minutes passed when I heard the Happy Birthday song ringing out of my ears. I knew in my small, dumb brain, that is was only a few more seconds...Right before the last Happy Birthday to You. I couldn’t wait. I blew out the big number two candle and shoved my hands right in to the cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I smeared all the icing, candles, and rainbow sprinkles everywhere. I didn’t hesitate though, I shoved the cake into my face, and it looked like I had just swum in a pool of cake!! Even though it was disgusting, it was goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood. Everyone was laughing at me, and taking pictures, but I didn’t care, for I was eating my cake. So that’s my cake experience. And each year l want to have a rerun of my two year old birthday party. But my mom always keeps saying “no” to my request. But who cares if I get messy, the only thing that really matters is if the cake is good!!!! 

Messy Cake

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A Picture is worth a Thousand WordsPoof, buff, fluff, smile, and pose!  You know getting the part as Tracy Tournblad in Hairspray for my dance recital, definitely had its advantages! Especially because I got to take TWICE the pictures! You see this whole day had been hectic from the start, I had to change costume after costume, picture after picture, and finally I was posing for just the very last picture! When my bright blue headband fell right off of my head and landed right on my face and that only meant ANOTHER PICTURE! But I wasn't the only person getting tired off the entire picture taking, the old gray haired, sweet looking grandpa (or you can call him the photographer) looked pretty tired too! But I had to pose for just one more picture and then I would be done with picture taking! Hurrah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I thought of the cutest pose I could think of (it turned out the pose was me about to spray my hair with hairspray) and 1,2,3 chhhhheeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssseeeeeeeeees! I was done with picture taking! Yes!!!!! I rushed off the platform, ripped off my dance shoes (they were to small so they hurt my feet) and waited for my mom to came and pick me up at the dance studio. Wow, that is a great memory to save! I'll always remember it by the picture, the picture taken for a job well done! The picture was at good times and funny ones too ha ha ha ha! Especially because everyone laughs when they see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Me!!!"All my single ladies, all my single ladies, oh oh ooo oh oh ooo oh oh ooo," I sang. For it was my favorite song! I was so close to almost hitting the replay button, to play the song over again, but something hit me. Not literally, but in my head, and it became a deep thought. Me. I started to wander about myself, first my looks, but that wasn't hard. My blondish brownish hair, sea blue eyes, a field of freckles on my face, two holes for two earrings, and only a four foot eight inches tall girl. I started laughing (in my head), then boom, that's what makes me happy, laughing. Then opposite, the thing that makes me sad is well not getting along with someone. Wow I am on roll!!!! Poof, question, answer: well the weirdest thing about me is that one day I want to dress up like a nerd!!!! Ha ha ha. Anyway moving on, I'm the same as people my age because I brush my teeth everyday. I'm different from people my age because I make really weird faces. And my last question for myself has an answer too. And that answer is that the things I most value in my life are my locket, my jewelry case, and my family. "Wow that was the deepest thought I've ever had," "But this is me, who I am, the one and only person I’ll be, well for now at least!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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Live Your LifeHave you ever actually thought of your life? Well the subject never really occurred to me until about 10 seconds ago. And crazily I know a lot about my life already! (I wonder why, ha ha ha ha.) So here comes my life, my world, and maybe a little of my future! “What’s in” Well fashion wise: skinny jeans, ponytails, bright colors flats. Music wise: A lot of slow rap, or like really fast pop. Right now all my friends and I love the song, Boom Boom Pow! TV: Well my friends and I love to watch TV, most of the time were watching shows from Oxygen, The N, and ABC, and every once in a while we might watch Disney channel, but not much. For video games, we just play fun games on the Wii! Well hopefully you’re getting the picture. There are a lot of things “IN” right now, but instead of “IN” how about “OUT.” A lot of things have been considered “OUT” lately. Especially: gauchos, sprite, stud earrings, The Cheetah Girls, and That So Raven. Just to make this clear a lot of things are out, but enough on that topic, I think you need to know what were wearing now of days! You see most people today are wearing converses, sandals, baby doll shirts, scarves, etc. etc. Oh and you can’t forget the latest hair styles!!!!!!!!!!! Like: ponytails, half ponytails, braids, piggy tales, the 60’s bun, and the regular plane down. But sometimes you can’t relay on the “IN” and “OUT”. You have to relay on the uniqueness you have for yourself! Now you see IN and OUT isn’t the only part of my life. It’s just a third of it, I have a whole another third, and third I call…EDUCATION, or for short school. Yea I do take school seriously, but that doesn’t mean I have love it, but it doesn’t mean I hate it, so I guess I just like it! And school is pretty easy to follow. For instance: On a typical school day all you do is… Wake up (I wake up at 6:45 each morning,) take a shower, eat breakfast, and then I’m off to school. Once you get to school you have three classes then break. Then you go to PE, you have another class, study hall, lunch then another two classes, and then you’re ready to leave and go home!!!!!!! School isn’t the only thing I do on weekdays. I also play tennis, I’m amazing, and I also dance for three days a week, around about two hours for each class!!!!!! But I sure do love doing my hobbies! Oh and on the weekends I love to pig-out, what movies, jump on the trampoline, and have a lot of friends over!!! But sometimes I can’t have to much fun because if I did I wouldn’t get anything done, and that just makes me so tense and stressed. Especially school projects, I always hold them off, and sometimes I have to stay up until 11:00 at night then get up really early the day it’s due. It drives me crazy, but I‘ve gotten better now at not holding it off! ( I just gave myself a pat on the back, ha ha ha ha!) But you now that’s life, and a good example of me, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Now if you haven't noticed yet, you can tell that my life is very crazy. Outside of school especially because of all the activities I participate in. Well out of school I do a lot of dancing ( jazz, tap, lyrical, hip hop, and musical theater), sometimes I might even help and participate in my church. As I said before I also play tennis, and I also collect these really cool glass thingies!!!!!!!!!! But during everything I participate I have a crazy mind, and my mind thinks about the weirdest things!!!!!!!! Like for instance the opposite of girls, GUYS. Guys are OK, I mean I can’t say I hate them, because I have a 16 year old brother who’s extremely nice to me (he went to get me Subway yesterday!) But some guys are different, I mean they’re really odd, sometimes annoying, but other times they’re OK. Oh, and in my crazy mind I also think about MY FUTURE! I know that in the future I will definitely be the same crazy person, but a lot of things will change. Like my long-term goals, my looks, in the future I might even have a dog, and my thoughts will change!!!!!! But sill a lot of things will be the same, my creativitieness, my urge to get dirty, the love for dance, and my loud crazy laugh!! But I can’t wait for the future, so it’s coming to me. And right now I’m just living the life!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I Love Myself All I want to say is that I HAVE THE BEST LIFE EVER,

AND I LOVE MYSELF! You want to know why I love my life and myself, well because…

1. I always get solos in my dance recital.2. I have strait A’s ( I’ve had them all my life )3. Everyone I know has at least complimented me once.4. I know that I am very unique 5. I am always confident, positive, excited, happy, enthusiastic,

proud, energetic, loud, and a hard worker.6. I always succeed7. I always make things go to the positive side with my laugh8. I’m what you would call perfect, well almost perfect!!!!

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

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16 Things I Wish 1. I want to fly2. Drink a Yoo-Hoo in less than seven seconds3. Become a Julliard scholar4. Go bungee jumping5. Meet Shawn Johnson (my idle)6. Become student of the year in dance7. Go to Italy8. Learn how to French braid9. Make up a word, and get it put in the dictionary10. Be in a Broadway show11. Be able to laugh, sneeze, and cough at the same time12. Do a cool eyebrow trick13. Be in a hot-dog contest14. Become a genie 15. I want to be considered “balanced” on Wii fit16. To always have a smile on my face ( but I already do )

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My SongRight now the song that best describes me is my favorite song. And this song really described my personality, because when I grow up… I really do want to become famous.

“When I grow up I wanna be famous I wanna be a star I wanna be in movies. When I grow up I wanna see the world, drive nice cars I wanna have groupies. When I grow up, be on TV, people know me, be on magazines. When I grow up, fresh and clean, number one chick when I step out on the scene”

Wow I love that song, and it fits me so well!

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