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Illuminating Gatsby

Illuminating ThinkingUsing Circuits to Teach English?Maceo Smith New Tech High SchoolDallas,

@finchgirl10It started with a PD session at NCTE & NWP Annual Meeting, November 2013.

Concept of remix Hacking the Notebook Using paper/flat circuits to highlight ideas

How to illuminate Gatsby?

What thinking or skill do I want to illuminate with the circuitry activities and work?Remixing a Project And a novelThe Great GatsbyLight symbolismDark conflict/ charactersUsual methods of teachingYes, an analysisMaking it PBLLet there be light?Lets illuminate what we think is importantMentor texts changed: Tesla/Edison, direct/alternating current, types of illuminationReasons we illuminate anything

Illuminating our thinkingRemix materialsRemix workshopsRemix prior knowledge acquisitionGoal: to learn about electricity in a nontraditional way, so we can use circuitry in a nontraditional way, so we can learn about the power of literature and writing in a nontraditional way

REMIX: making new meaning out of existing learning; not about curriculum; about experienceThe Remix ApproachMaterialsWorkshopsPrior knowledge

The Remix ApproachproductsCollaborative workActual tasks

Our Work

Mixing with the True and Useful? Tesla and Edison.

The project:illuminate a truth or conflict from Gatsby using actual light.

The project:illuminate a truth or conflict from Gatsby using actual light.

The project:illuminate a truth or conflict from Gatsby using actual light.

Critical Thinking. Literary Elements. Authors techniques. Life truths.Real, authentic learning. And Making.

We are connecting theory to practice in an authentic, creative way.

Their innovation surpassed my imagination. The learning was meaningful, lasting, and complex.A truth about life I would illuminate would be the fact that trust is fragile and loyalty is a blessing.Wealth blocks Gatsbys view of his true emotions, tricking him into thinking hes happy.Its not that bad things happen to good peopleits that bad things happen in general. Lives begin and suddenly end. What we want to do with our lives, our plans, mean nothing to other people as we continue to try to reach a higher level of success.

Their words.I learned through this project that I knew more about circuits than I thought. I was able to reteach the subject of circuits to a whole table group. I was proud of myself.I learned more about currents/electricity in this class than in any science class. I think it was the different approach.A lot of us had the same theme but expressed it in such different ways.I liked that it really made me think bigger than the classroom and that what I learned is A) cool and B) actually applicable. I feel like we get too wrapped up in one subject at school and dont take time to integrate others, so this was a nice change.I learned how to make a simple circuit. I learned craft vocabulary like apoxy. I learned time management, the importance of planning ahead, and following through with those plans. I also learned the importance of understanding metaphors, similes, and symbolism because it can make a difference in the truth you see.Now what?Next steps? Figuring out how to actually integrate the 21st century notebook, like I was supposed to.

Google+ CommunityNCTE Presentation Team Nov. 2014, D.C.Digital IS Publishing?New ways to use circuitry to illuminate critical thinkingTrying it with others

Trying it with others

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