ILA13- Designing Interactive Learning Spaces

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What does it mean to Evolve? Why do Libraries need to Evolve? Through this session, Brian Pichman of the Evolve Project will discuss the importance of redesigning library spaces to make them more interactive and collaborative. The Evolve Project is a collaborative platform that aims to change the way people see libraries through the injection of technology that fosters collaboration and exploration. These technologies include laser tag, Sphero Balls, Sifteo Cubes, interactive Legos, and so much more! See what other libraries have done to build maker spaces, fab labs, and other creative concepts that you can start today!


  • 1. Designing Interactive Learning Spaces ILA Tuesday, October 15th 10:45AM By Brian Pichman | Director of Strategic Innovation
  • 2. Let Me Introduce Myself Hi Im Brian Pichman And today we will explore libraries, discover new learning spaces, define interaction and engagement, and prove that we all have the creative potential to bring a positive impact to our libraries and communities (or whatever happens motivates us!) Follow me on Twitter: @bpichman
  • 4. Dangers Facing Libraries
  • 5. Dangers Facing Libraries
  • 6. Dangers Facing Libraries
  • 7. Did You Know? Stats from: Lee Rainie, Director, Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life Project
  • 8. Did You Know? Stats from: Lee Rainie, Director, Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life Project
  • 9. Did You Know? Stats from: Lee Rainie, Director, Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life Project
  • 10. Create a Public VALUE Not be a process but an experience Move from physical to digital Create new ways to learn and explore Libraries should be creating stories Libraries HAVE TO BE ENGANGING! Shift Focus To Innovation, Interaction, Discovery, Collaboration and Invention
  • 11. Libraries are like Candles Libraries Are Screwed By Eli Neiburger
  • 12. What Does A Community Ask For? Study Rooms / Homework Area Open Areas Tech (Computers) Business Centers MakerSpaces ?Others? What do these things have in common?
  • 13. Libraries need to find ways to engage their patrons
  • 14. Libraries and Learning Spaces Have To Be Engaging Encourage Creativity and Invention Allow Discovery Increase Collaboration Generate Interaction Foster Innovation
  • 15. Creation and Inventions Oak Park Public Library
  • 16. Discovery
  • 17. Collaboration
  • 18. Interaction
  • 19. Innovation
  • 20. Evolve: A Library Playground Fab Lab / Hackerspace / MakerSpace A location where people with common interests (usually in computers, technology, science, or digital or electronic art) meet, socialize and/or collaborate. Can be viewed as open community labs incorporating elements of workshops and/or studios where people can come together to share resources and knowledge to build and make things and ideas. Combining the positive & fun aspects of schools, museums, and playgrounds into one entity.
  • 21. Take Risks! Its a Pilot Program or Beta Test
  • 22. We All Have Creative Potential
  • 23. Types of Learning Spaces Collaborative Areas (Either Network Based or In A Room) Provide Tools (Hardware and/or Software) Learning Labs or Training Centers
  • 24. Music / Graphic Design / Video Editing / Programming
  • 25. 3D Printing
  • 26. Allen County Public Library
  • 27. Chattanooga Fourth Floor The 4th floor is a public laboratory and educational facility with a focus on information, design, technology, and the applied arts. The 14,000 sq foot space hosts equipment, expertise, programs, events, and meetings that work within this scope. While traditional library spaces support the consumption of knowledge by offering access to media, the 4th floor is unique because it supports the production, connection, and sharing of knowledge by offering access to tools and instruction.
  • 28. DOK Lab (
  • 29. If you build it they will come
  • 30. Designing Interactive Learning Space
  • 31. Key Design Concepts Adding Color Art Have Open Areas Furniture Modularity Technology
  • 32. Adding Color White = Boring Think about Parks (typically colorful) Painting walls is an inexpensive redesign Use Fun Colors Be Bold! Children Areas should use bright attractive areas.
  • 33. Art Have patrons/users create the art Donate it to the space Mix it up as often as you like. There is no cost.
  • 34. Open Areas Open Space! Seating Tables Multi Functional Areas Less Closed Rooms Activity Rooms, Meeting Rooms, etc
  • 35. Furniture Fun Colors
  • 36. Modularity Allows the environment to change easily Let your users define the space Put things on wheels Desks No Need For Shelves To Be On Wheels Dont fasten furniture to floor no one will be stealing a desk
  • 37. Technology As An Evolution 1990 2000: Internet Burst 2000 2010: Value Adds to Technology 2010 2020: Technology Burst
  • 38. Future of Technology To discover and curate of information Value adds (efficiency, reliability) To build or discover new things


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