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  1. 1. 10/16/2014 International Journal of Humanities and Social Science - IJOARHSHome AboutHOMEIJOAR Bookmark List of Journals / Call For Papers / SubscriptionsCALL FORPAPERSSUBMISSIONS JOURNALS AUTHOR GUIDELINES CURRENT ISSUESABOUT THIS JOURNALAbout IJOARHSList of TopicsAbstracting & IndexingIJOARHS CALL FORPAPERSFOR AUTHORSCall For PapersSubmission GuidelinesPlagiarism PoliciesReview ProcessSubmit ManuscriptIJOARHS CALL FOREDITORSISSUE NAVIGATIONCurrent IssueVol 1, Issue 1, Jan 2013Vol 1, Issue 2, Feb 2013Vol 1, Issue 3, March 2013Vol 1, Issue 4, April 2013Vol 1, Issue 6,June 2013Vol 1, Issue 7,July 2013Vol 1, Issue 8,August 2013Home > List of Journals > Journal of Humanities and Social Science (IJOARHS)International Journal of Advance Research - Journal of Humanities and Social Science(IJOARHS)This is an International peer review journal operated under Open Access Policy.Editor-in-Chief (EiC) Dr. K. S. RobertsISSN (Online) ISSN 2320-9151Current Issue Volume 2, Issue 2, February 2014Year of Publication 2012PublicationFrequency MonthlyPublisher SCI Publisher ( IJOAR-JOURNALS)ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCurrent Issue Editorial Board Abstracting & Indexing Call For Papers SubmitManuscriptABOUT IJOARHSInternational Journal of Advance Research - Journal of Humanities and Social Science (IJOARHS) is an open accessinternational journal that provides rapid publication (within a month) of articles in all areas of Humanities and Social Science.Papers reporting original research or extended versions of already published conference/journal papers, case studies, state-of-the-art reviews, and high quality technical notes are invited for publications.CALL FOR PAPER ( IMPORTANT DATES ) CALL FOR EDITORSVOLUME : 2 ISSUE : 10PAPER SUBMISSION : OctoberInternational Journal of Advance Research - Journal of Humanities andSocial Science (IJOARHS) is seeking applications from scholars andhttp://www.ijoar.org/Journal_of_Humanities_and_Social_Science.html 1/2
  2. 2. 10/16/2014 International Journal of Humanities and Social Science - IJOARHSDOWNLOAD SECTIONManuscript TemplateCopyright FormRegistration Form31,2014AUTHOR NOTIFICATION(Starts) : October 10,2014ISSUE PUBLICATION : October15 ,2014researchers from the different fields of Humanities and Social Scienceinterested to serve as an editor for IJOARHS. IJOAR Journals is aninternational, multidiscipline peer-reviewed journal dedicated topublishing original research, reports, and reviews or extended versionsof already published conference/journal papers.RECENTLY PUBLISHED EDITION NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTSIJOARHS, Volume 1, Issue 8, August 2013Acceptance Rate (12.04 % )Scope & Areas of Journal of Humanities and SocialScience (IJOARHS)Call for papers - (Current Issue February 2014 )DOWNLOADSManuscript TemplateRegistration FormCopyright FormAll-in-one (Zip File)Privacy Policy Terms of Service Support & ContactCopyrights & Usage: Articles published by IJOAR Journals are Open Access. Permission to copy and distribute any other content, images, animation and other parts of this website isprohibited. IJOAR Journals has the rights to take action against individual/group if they are found victim of copying any part of the website.http://www.ijoar.org/Journal_of_Humanities_and_Social_Science.html 2/2