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Hybrid Trusses Rohit Chopra S. Sai Goutham Reddy Sakshi Sharma Shashvat Gupta Shivani Arora Shourya Puri Shrey Dutt

Hybrid trusses

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Hybrid Trusses

Hybrid TrussesRohit ChopraS. Sai Goutham ReddySakshi SharmaShashvat GuptaShivani AroraShourya PuriShrey Dutt

IntroductionOne of the major goals of this presentation is to describe different types of Hybrid Trusses and mention their proper uses in the field of ArchitectureHybrid Trusses: It is a type of truss, which is a combination of two or more types of trusses which are used to provide more functional yet stable trusses according to the need.

Queenpost/Kingpost HybridA combination of two most famous trusses i,e. Kingpost Truss & Queenpost Truss which results into a highly stable truss along with a central storage place that we may call The Attic

K-trussesK-trusses, limited to just a handful of states, never gained widespread acceptance, perhaps because they came on the scene when truss bridges were falling out of fashion. A full K-truss, with diagonals forming the "K" shape at all of the panels (except the hips), is easy to classify

This truss is a hybrid of Parker Truss.

Pratt/Warren TrussA Missouri company, Miller & Borcherding, developed this truss as their specialty. Is it a Queenpost? The Missouri Historic Bridge Inventory calls these bridges a "hybrid Pratt/Warren design.

Parker/Camelback TrussFor through trusses, most sources draw a distinction between Parker trusses and Camelback trusses. A Camelback is a Parker with exactly five slopes, usually with a flat top that extends across multiple panels.

Baltimore/Warren TrussesThe Arkanas historic bridge inventory classifies this as a Baltimore truss. With the flat top and subdivided panels, this makes sense. But look closer: the diagonals form an "A" in the center. Across all four panels, the main diagonals alternate: the hallmark of a Warren, and not a Baltimore (Pratt), truss. So is this bridge really a Warren truss with subdivided panels?

Baltimore Truss