How to think about the future

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AGENDADisruption Exponential Advancement How Unicorns ThinkVirtual Reality & Artificial Intelligence What Does All This Mean? What You Can Do Now

Education (like media!) is ripe for disruption

Information Technologies (of all kinds) double their power (price performance, capacity, bandwidth) every yearWere seeing this also translate over to communication technologiesProgress over the next two decades will see greater gains than weve had in the previous two hundred years

Exponential Advancement

Peter Thiels Formula- Make incremental advances- Stay lean and flexible- Improve on the competition- Focus on the product not sales

- Better to risk boldness than triviality- A bad plan is better than no plan- Competitive markets destroy profits- Sales matter just as much as profits

How Unicorns thinkOldNew

zero to 1OLD 1 to n = horizontal progress (copying things that work)

NEW 0 to 1. Make vertical progress (do new things)

Competition is overrated.Competition means no profits for anybody, no meaningful differentiation, and a struggle for survival.





Build Monopolies

Dont disrupt. Get the last mover advantage.Make the last great development in a specific market and enjoy years of monopoly profits.


To Become a Billionaire, Help a Billion People. Technology is democratizing the power to change the world.- Peter Diamandis

Creation and distribution of content with commercial, rather than editorial intentCan take various forms articles, images, webinars, guest blog, quiz, infographicContent marketing attracts more of the right kind of prospects: the ones who value what you do best. Content marketing not only leads to inbound interest, more sales, faster growth and more targeted marketing but also allows you to raise your pricesContent marketing positions you as the best in your field, price becomes a mere trivialityVirtual Reality

A student learning about dinosaurs in the Jurassic period wont have to just read about it in a textbook theyll be able to put on a VR headset and literally explore the VR equivalent of Jurassic Park.Imagine This

Students studying physics will be able to step inside a virtual environment where the build (and destroy) huge structures, fly through planets and stand next to Isaac Newton as he discovers the laws of motion.Imagine This

A virtual version of the worlds best history professor delivers a personalised lesson at a pace and language best suited to every student.Imagine This

What does this mean?Rapidly iterate and ceaselessly experiment until you get it rightThink about what you want to own and where you can partnerEmphasise a customer-centric approachRely on fundamental truthsBe a rational optimistThink in probabilitiesThink long-term

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